Messages by Google: RCS will now be enabled by default for new and existing users

…unless they’ve previously turned RCS off.

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Now if they could just fix the problem of the RCS not working correctly if you are using a data carrier not via your phone number. Example: My phone has been configured for Mint Mobile and Republic Wireless/Boost Infinite. If I switch the data link to the RW data connection, Google Messages loses RCS for the Mint line. I would think that as long as Messages knows it’s on a particular number, it should be able to send to other Messages users along any data path.

What phone are you using? On my pixel RCS remains connected to my primary number if I switch to an alternative data provider.

I’m using a OnePlus 7 Pro running LineageOS 20. When I’m using anything other than Mint/T-Mobile for data, RCS on Google messages stops working on the Mint line. When I’m using the RW/Boost line for data, RCS switches over there, I switch back, RCS moves to Mint. Now I’m testing an eSIM profile for use in Canada for data roaming, as Canada roaming hasn’t worked for me on RW/Dish despite being included in my plan and I’m most likely dropping the line when the Boost Infinite trial period runs out, and RCS is just plain dead as I’ve set the eSIM profile to be the data source while I run my tests, and there is no phone number as it is data only. In case you haven’t seen this thread on the topic, I know the phone doesn’t support eSIM and have MacGyvered a way around the problem, hence testing to be sure it all works before I actually visit Canada. So far, some things work, some don’t. Details on that will be in the referenced thread shortly.