Mint Mobile doing odd Christmas cards again

I just got a mint-green envelope from Mint Mobile. This years Christmas card has Ryan Reynolds in bed, looking at a cellphone. The text on the back reads: “Please enjoy this Ornamint. Don’t hesitate to call anytime you need a little break from your family during the holiday. I’ll be in the bathroom hiding from the kids.”

The Ornamint is a cardboard punch-out thing in the shape/image of an Android cell phone with folding directions. The “back plate” reads “Happy Holidays 2023 Mint Mobile” and the front “screen” shows Ryan Reynolds as wallpaper holding a phone as if he took a selfie in a mirror. It looks like there is an incoming call ringing from Minty McMinterson with a phone number which, when called, is answered by a voice mail system with a greeting by Ryan Reynolds, who says that you can leave a message and he’ll get Gary from financing to listen to it. There’s some more stuff with a comment about being able to offer service for $15/month, but I can’t remember it all.

It’s different, I’ll give it that.

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