Mint Mobile Says: "Canada travelers, something amazing is about to happen…"

I received an interesting e-mail from Mint Mobile just now:

I haven’t found anything about this on the web site yet.

After all the effort I put in to the Canada problem, they do this. I am simultaneously pleased and irritated.

At least this should be working by the time I visit a friend in Canada for her annual barbecue party.

I will still buy a North American regional eSIM profile for my next trip. I’ll believe it after I’ve seen it.


I found this FAQ on their website:


Thank you. This is useful stuff to know. Assuming this actually works it will make my trips to Canada much easier.

My next Canada trip will be some time in August. I see four possible connection results.

Highest probability, based on prior experience: Neither Mint or Boost works, and I’m dependent on an eSIM profile for any level of functionality away from WiFi.
Next level, Mint works and Boost doesn’t.
Next, Boost works and Mint doesn’t. Given that I’ve been battling first RW/Dish then Boost on the issue for 3 years, this is the less likely of the one-works-one-doesn’t outcomes.
Least likely, both carriers work.

Gee, you’d think I’ve had roaming problems in Canada. :frowning_face:

In the last year, Mint in Canada has gone from manageable voice charges and barking insane data charges, to completely inert on cellular if you haven’t purchased a Minternational Pass, to (if it works) free up to 3GB of data with voice and text service. The Minternatonal Pass covered Canada for, what, two or three months? I’m getting dizzy. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

If Mint does work again in Canada now, it’s good to see that they did one thing that I always mention to people about Mint. They do not cut off your data completely if you run out the high-speed allotment. The 128kbps rate will choke video and high-quality audio apps, but all other apps not blocked by the roaming carrier or geo-blocked by the app owner should function correctly, if slowly.

I’m hoping they both work, but I’m not betting on either one.

I’m placing my bet on Mint working. Remember, T-Mobile’s acquisition of Mint is now complete. The change to 3 GB of international roaming in Canada comes after the T-Mobile acquisition.

I’m not even going to hazard a guess on DISH/Boost.

What I remember from my first Canada trip after getting Mint was needing two days of chatting on the app via WiFi with support to get anything cellular working. Calling RW/Dish (via Skype Out) was even less productive. That line was inert.

The most recent round of fun was at the end of May, when while in Canada, to use Mint WiFi calling, I had to try to make a call, which went to cellular and diverted to a recording of the Mint fox trying to sell me a Minternational Pass. Then I would hang up and WiFi calling was available. Repeat every time the WiFi network changed. What is now the Boost line was inert. 2 to 3 hours on Skype Out to Boost support did not change that.

I reserve judgement until August.

I’ll check my Mint app on July 24th and see if the entry for Canada shows up.

To be clear, I have no problems with Mint domestic service. It works well and is cost-effective for me. Canadian roaming, however, has been a train wreck from the word go. I’ll be happy to see it working, but given my experiences, it is presumed broken until tested to work.

Mint is getting the word out several ways. I just received the following SMS:

Since it said “Headed Back” I am assuming I got this because the system knows I’ve been to Canada recently,