My Choice Compatible Phones

I trashed my Google Pixel 4a. I’m thinking about getting another (*non-Google) phone. I don’t want to lose my RW plan. My preference is for the small phones. I know, that’s a big ask.

*The problem with the Google phone is that I can’t receive group texts!

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Hi @DelphiPax and thanks for making your first post!

If you also posted this question on RW’s subreddit, I provided an answer there I’ll copy here:

With its proprietary technology no longer in use, sourcing a compatible phone for use with RW is similar to doing so with any other service provider. You’ll want to look at compatibility with the underlying network (for My Choice that’s T-Mobile).

Generally, newer Pixels work well with My Choice as do most Samsung phones. Most Motorola’s are compatible but will lack WiFi calling if that’s important to you.

My current daily driver is a Pixel 6a, which works perfectly with both RW 5.0 (AT&T) and My Choice (T-Mobile).

The above said, is there a particular reason you want to stick with My Choice? I’m not pitching RW 5.0 but there are other (typically less expensive) options in the market.

I’ve not noticed any issues with group messaging on my Pixel 6a, which still has an active My Choice SIM. Does the issue exist on both WiFi and cell? On cell, you will need available data for group messaging. Do you have cell data attached to your My Choice plan?

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I buy data, occasionally.

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Hi @DelphiPax,

Generally, with Republic’s proprietary WiFi-first technology no longer in use, cell data would be required for MMS (picture and group) messaging.

  1. Are you unable to receive group messages when you have purchased cell data and it is active?
  2. Or, do group messages not work over WiFi?

There is nothing inherent about a Google phone (Pixels) that prevents receiving MMS. The reality is all Android phones are, in a sense, Google phones because Android is Google.

I’ve tested group messaging with my Google Pixel 6a. Group messaging on My Choice is working for me.

The above said, though Republic isn’t currently forcing anyone off their legacy My Choice plan, they’re not exactly providing support either.

Since it appears you’re in the market for a new phone, is there one in particular of interest to you? Do you wish to stick with Android or would you consider iPhone? iPhones are not compatible with your My Choice plan but are compatible with both Republic 5.0 plans and plans from other service providers.

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Hello. I’m in a difficult situation. I’m extremely limited in my choice of phones. I need a small, inexpensive phone. That’s how I ended up with the *Google Pixel 4a. Previously, I had only purchased Motorola phones. I’m paying $23.84 including tax for the My Choice 4.0 plan. I’m not switching to a more expensive plan. I’m now looking at alternatives to RW. TMobile, Tello, Etc.

Thanks for your input.

*I got it secondhand

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You’re not alone in your desire for a smaller form factor phone. Those are hard to come by on Android. Neither Samsung or Motorola still make smaller form factor phones unless willing to consider a high-priced foldable model (you mention needing inexpensive).

Google’s Pixel 6a (my daily driver) is a 6.1" phone (slightly bigger than your Pixel 4a but not horribly so. Google no longer sells the Pixel 6a at its store having moved onto the Pixel 7a (also a 6.1" phone). You’d likely be able to still find the Pixel 6a at third party retailers (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, B&H Photo, etc.).

If willing to consider iPhone, the iPhone SE is a genuine small form factor phone at 4.7" (diminutive compared to your Pixel 4a).

As you are in the market for inexpensive, you might have a look at Swappa for previously used phones.

I’m confident there is no need to do so. I have to ask though; you’re paying $23.84 for My Choice unlimited talk & text with no cell data (adding data as needed)? I ask because My Choice talk & text with no cell data is $15.00 plus taxes and telecom fees. $8.34 in taxes and telecom fees while possible in a high tax area seems a bit high. Might your My Choice plan actually be unlimited talk & text plus 1 GB of cell data at $20 plus taxes and telecom fees?

For what it’s worth, Republic’s “Only What You Need” plan (one of Republic’s current 5.0 plans) is $20.00 plus taxes and telecom fees monthly.

Still, one can do better on price in the market. Mobi (Verizon network), MobileX (Verizon network) and Tello (T-Mobile network) would all come in at around $10.00 plus taxes and telecom fees monthly for unlimited talk & text plus 1 GB of cell data. We have reviews for all three in Reviews.

US Mobile is another option worth considering. We do not yet have a review for them but their Trustpilot reviews are excellent:


Hi @DelphiPax,

Sorry to read that you are in a difficult situation. You might want to look at this review of Tello recently written by @herbie, as well as the older review by Roland, as it seems to be a good choice.

You originally wrote that you “trashed” your Google Pixel 4a. In doing so, was the SIM card damaged or lost? If so, you will not be able to keep your My Choice plan, because Republic Wireless is no longer able to activate SIM cards on the My Choice plan.

If the SIM card is still functioning it can be moved into another unlocked Pixel 4a, or any unlocked phone on this list:
It can be hard to find a compatible phone, so if you see something online that you think you’d want to buy, please let us check first to make sure it looks like it would be compatible.

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It’s the $15 plan. I’m in San Francisco. I’d consider an iPhone. That iPhone might be too small, for me! The thing I love about the Pixel 4a is it has an amazing camera. 6.1, I’m afraid, is too big for me.

I have been looking on Swappa. I got my last phone from Swappa!

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Hi Southpaw!

For clarification, the screen is trashed, not the entire phone. I’m able to pick-up my texts via an app on my ipad. The phone still rings, but since the screen doesn’t function, pick-up the call.


Hi @DelphiPax,

I wanted to bring this topic to your attention:

It appears concern about My Choice compatibility will shortly be moot.

It sounds like with your screen’s current condition, you may need a phone to activate a new SIM whether that involves a transition to another DISH brand such as Boost Infinite or another carrier.

Let us know how we might help?

Thanks! I saw the email. Interesting timing! I’ve decided I’m definitely going to another carrier. I’m looking at Tello, US Mobile, and TMobile.

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As you shop for phones and if not already aware, Tello uses T-Mobile’s network. US Mobile offers a choice of Verizon’s or T-Mobile’s networks but its best offers are on Verizon’s network. And, rather obviously, T-Mobile uses its own network. :smile:

I have a household line of service on Tello and will vouch for their service and support. If looking at Connect by T-Mobile, it’s a good offer price wise but my experience with T-Mobile prepaid support in the past hasn’t been great.

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Thank you. I just found out that August 2023 will be the last update for the Google Pixel 4a! What does this mean? Should I start another topic?!

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Hi @DelphiPax,

It means that according to Google there will be no more updates to the Android operating system currently on your Pixel 4a. Google may or may not provide future security updates after August of 2023.

Lack of future operating system updates isn’t in and of itself a great concern. You simply wouldn’t be getting the features of new updates for your phone. Lack of future security updates are more concerning though, in reality, most of us are simply not worthwhile targets for hackers.

Bottom line, if you want to continue receiving operating system updates or guaranteed security updates past August 2023, you’ll want to shop for a newer phone than a Pixel 4a. Google guarantees Android updates for Pixels for 3 years. The Pixel 4a is a 2020 model phone.

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