New Look for rwusers

Hi RW Users,

When we first set up this rwusers Community, we didn’t take a whole lot of time to worry about the look of the site.

Now that we’re here and the initial shock of the loss of our old, familiar Community has subsided somewhat, it’s time to change things up a bit. This Community was never intended to be a permanent home for endless negativity about any specific company; it’s time to move away from the familiar look from the past so we can focus on a more positive future.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be updating the look of the rwusers Community to try to nudge us all to think about how we use technology in everything we do, and how we can each share any expertise or experience we have with others who may be seeking such knowledge.

I’m not talking about learning how to set up a complicated mesh network capable of surviving the apocalypse and sustaining a small town. I’m not talking about building your own mainframe out of binder clips and toothpaste. I’m talking about everyday uses of modern technology that regular folks like me want to embrace, but perhaps need a friendly hand to guide them. Technology for today’s Real-World Users.

If you think you’d like a sneak-peek of the new look and are willing to provide some feedback to make sure I’m on the right track, let me know. Otherwise, get ready for an updated visual experience and a new direction. I look forward to learning new things with you!

I would say ‘Go for it’ … your surprises have always been pleasent in the past!

Looking forward to it! Thanks, as usual, for all you do.

Thank you, @southpaw , for what you have already provided. I am surely interested in supporting continuous improvements, so please tell me how to help.

Ah, this explains why the behavior of the posting system has changed so much. I think I’ve figured it out by now.

Sign me up Southpaw! I could definitely use a new look.

I’ll bring my shears, @BillG.

I’m more than happy to give it a try! I’m not as frequent as other users, but I pop in every couple weeks.

Thanks, @Scottathew. I’ve stalled out chasing down a bug in the theme I want to use and I keep finding my time more limited than I had expected, but once I get some traction again, I’ll be glad to have another set of eyes on it.