New platform feedback

As we open up the new platform for rwusers, please understand that migrating a forum is a difficult feat, especially for someone who has no real experience in the process.

We welcome your feedback in this topic about any improvements you’d like to see on this forum and any issues you find that may have resulted from the migration.


  • Your personal messages did not migrate well. Some personal messages remain in the sender’s “sent” box.

  • Likes and other reactions did not transfer.

  • When you first log in, you may see a bunch of notifications. They’re easily dismissed without having to click through them all. Just look for the “dismiss” link on the notifications list.

  • Avatars didn’t migrate, but I’ve moved them over manually. If I missed anyone, please don’t take it personally.

  • Our goal is to continue to improve. There are lots of plug-ins and neat tools we’ll be adding to make the rwusers Community platform even better.


I was not able to login to the new platform initially but the forgot password option worked.


Yup, my experience as well. Apparently, stored passwords didn’t migrate but going through the forget password flow is working. Hiccups notwithstanding, I’m very happy Community is back on Discourse.

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I also was not able to login to the new platform but the forgot password option worked. Had to make a longer password, but on the bright side, the avatar transferred fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve bumped the password requirement down to 8 characters, if you’d like to change it back.

I’m hesitant to go lower than 8!

Everyone will need to reset their password. This is expected.


As we all settle into the new environment, it would be a shame if we didn’t pass on some words of thanks, so please join me in thanking @southpaw for her herculean efforts aided by @rolandh … Thanks a bunch guys!


A question for you all. Are you receiving notification emails in your inbox or are they routing to a spam folder?

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Sorry, I had to rebuild the poll so we can see who is having which problem! If you already voted, please vote again.

Email notification delivery
  • Inbox
  • Spam folder
  • Not receiving email notifications at all
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Password reset email went to the appropriate mailbox.

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Same here. No other notifications received so far.

Okay, it worked. I’m in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@rolandh, are your notification emails still going to your spam folder?

When I first signed up, the verification email simply disappeared. It seems that my mail provider has a spam filter that simply discards some email and I never hear about it. (Seems bad!) So I tried a different email address, and the verification went to spam. I marked it as not spam and all was well.

The notification emails now go to normal email.


Hi Southpaw. Not sure if my RW community profile was supposed to transfer over…(didn’t even realize the ‘community’ had been shut down…glad I found y’all… :smiley:


Hey @c1tobor,

Nothing transfers from Republic’s old Community. Though Real World Users was founded by former members of Republic’s old Community and, I think, everyone here is a current or former Republic Wireless member, we are not affiliated with Republic Wireless by DISH or any other commercial enterprise.

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Thanks Roland. Great to see all the old familiar faces again.

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I’m glad you found us, too! Welcome!