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The old RW website now directs interested parties to boost infinite. It’s no surprise to me that there is a continuing lack of care and professionalism in what they’re doing.

"With Infinite, Republic Wireless customers will

Lock in affordable wireless just for $25/mo. Forever (emphasis mine)
Keep your same phone and number
Stay on the same network"

Did they outsource web updates to their support center?

ETA - They can’t spell “focused” correctly either. That’s about more irony than I can stand.

“Boost Infinite is a wireless carrier focussed on delivering a simple, reliable and affordable mobile experience.”


I finally jumped ship, almost exactly nine years to the day I joined RW. I’m now with Tello. I’m saving roughly $11 per month and getting more for my money!


Hi. How id Tello performing so far? Does Tello run on Verizon towers?

I’ve had my mom on Tello since late 2020. She has an iPhone and, at the time, Republic did not support iPhone.

Tello is a quality operator with a deserved reputation for excellent customer support. Tello, however, uses T-Mobile’s network.

If one prefers Verizon’s network, Mobi, MobileX and US Mobile are all worth consideration.

Those shopping for an alternative to Boost Infinite might be interested in our Reviews category.

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It’s been seamless. They have great customer support. Tello runs on T-Mobile’s network.

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Of these three I think it is worth noting that US Mobile also has offerings on T-Mobile. This makes it worth considering if you want to consolidate multiple phone providers but not lose the flexibility of two discrete networks. It is also useful for folks who are on a single network and wish to increase their travel coverage by having phones on different networks.

Meh, I actually prefer doing business with multiple service providers in my household. Service providers as well as their upstream carrier partners can have issues from time to time.

For me, redundancy is, in part, about not keeping all of one’s :egg:s in a single :basket: but to each their own.


I’m with Tello thanks to your recommendation. I actually ended up with a free iPhone, from a friend. FWIW The Google Pixel4a camera is superior.

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