Orbic Journey V Flip Phone

I bought this phone as replacement for our old landline number when I moved it to Spectrum Mobile. Since the home phone isn’t used for anything other than talk and some text cost and simplicity were the driving factors. Overall if I had to do it over again I would have looked for a different phone.


  • Phone is inexpensive
  • Basic phone calling is straight forward
  • Small size and light weight


  • Battery usage when WiFi is turned on is terrible.
  • Menu navigation is clunky. It’s a flip phone so this is not unexpected.
  • Text input is hard to use with the requirement to work through multiple menus to get to something as simple as a period.

In particular WiFi is important to us due to a weak Verizon cell signal at our house. Since the phone stays in standby mode most of the time battery life is important. With WiFi turned off the phone can go several days before needed to be recharged. With WiFi turned on it drains from a full charge to zero in less than 24 hours.


I have a NUU F4L flip phone that is also, meh. It works, but not the greatest. Buttons are kind of balky. WiFi calling doesn’t work with the T-Mobile MVNO I’m using, but it did work with the Verizon MVNO I previously used (Ting). It doesn’t support 4G LTE band 71, which is a bummer. Battery life is okay (better than most smartphones). The FM radio is okay.

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