Phone Upgrade after Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite Migration

Called Boost Infinite (BI) support last night to confirm phone compatibility before upgrading one of the phones today. We are replacing a Samsung A32 5G with a Samsung A54 5G. Checked both the new IMEI and existing SIM ICCD to make sure BI system was a “go” since we are using the original SIM with AT&T network after recent (successful) migration.

I mentioned that we had received an E-mail about receiving the “free” hotspot add-on for 6 months on Line 1, nothing on Line 2. Agent got approval to add the hotspot add-on to Line 2 at no cost. Agent also confirmed that the “free” is for 6 months then both lines will get the add-on at a discounted $5/mo for the 6 months after that.
Tested the hotspot on Line 2 before the end of the call and all worked as expected. Even got the automated message about the add-on. No mention of the follow on 6-mo discounted $5/mo price. Time will tell . . . if we make 6 months :wink:

Swapped the phones this morning and the new phone is working great. The Boost Infinite app still shows the old phone information after the update. There is a place to enter the new IMEI in the app settings. Will wait and see if the information updates given enough time.

On to the next phone after we test things some more!

I too might stick around with BI on the ATT network. I read that Dish ATT deal only for 10 years, if it doesn’t get extend, there going to be another transition.