Pixel 7a not receiving calls from other cell phones

Hi everyone! I have a Pixel 7a with Mobi. My phone will not receive calls from other cell numbers - calls go directly to Voicemail. But my phone will receive all calls from landlines! I’ve talked to Mobi for 2 days and tried several things. Mobi now says they’ve done all they can do and they don’t think a factory reset will help. Any suggestions?? Do not disturb is not on, tried on wifi and on cell network (Verizon) with no difference, not in airplane mode, I’ve reset Mobile Network settings, wi-fi calling is on, turned home wifi modem off and back on, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of the things I’ve tried. Help??

Hi @AuntTC,

That really odd, but good sleuthing to be able to narrow it down to cellular callers.

Are the callers calling your Mobi phone number directly, or are you forwarding calls through another service like Google Voice or a VoIP provider?

If you’re using a physical SIM card, do you have a different phone in the house you could put the Mobi SIM card in? If you could verify that cellular callers reach you on the old phone then you’d know it’s something about the Pixel, but if they still don’t reach you on the old phone, that would point you back to it being something Mobi needs to investigate further.

Do you by any chance have “Block calls from unidentified callers” turned on in the Blocked Numbers menu in your phone (phone app) settings?

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When did this start happening? In looking at your history it appears you’ve had Mobi since September of last year. Has this always been a problem? Is it multiple cellular callers that can’t reach you? Have you changed anything since you started service with Mobi? Since they are reaching your voicemail the calls are reaching the Mobi network, but not ringing your phone for whatever reason.

You might check that you haven’t inadvertently blocked any callers:

Unblock a number
Open your Phone app.
Tap the three dots at the top.
Tap Settings and then Blocked numbers.
Next to the number you want to unblock, tap X to Unblock.

This started 3 days ago. Service has been great until then. Nothing has changed since switching to Mobi.

No numbers blocked - rechecked all numbers to confirm

Honestly, it sounds like a network coverage issue. Why it would only be present with inbound cellular calls is a bit of a mystery. Have you tried with WiFi off? Any difference? What about airplane mode with WiFi enabled? Any better luck?

Mobi seems to think this has been caused by the latest Google update Android 14. On hold with Google for the last 30 minutes …

Callers calling Mobi number directly

It’s an eSIM :sob: Mobi sent us a new eSIM and the phone is still not receiving calls

I’ve seen choppy audio complaints, but I haven’t seen any failure to ring complaints with Android 14.

One thing I would suggest giving a try … The Pixel Diagnostic App is launched by entering a code — ##7287##** — into the Phone dialer. It lets you perform diagnostics on your Pixel, assuming no trouble is found I would then consider that occasionally a single bit can be overlaid, causing rare corner case problems … (How to factory reset your Google Pixel phone - Pixel Phone Help)
Ensure you back up to Google before the Factory Reset

The Diagnostic App sent me to Verizon. Looks like we’ll be doing a factory reset :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Hi @AuntTC,
Hopefully your silence only indicates success? Please let the community know how you’re doing or if you want any more help.

My silence indicated frustration … until this morning. I took a closer look at the phone and contacts. Apparently, “Route to Voicemail” had been selected for a few individual contacts! I went through the list of contacts and found the ones being diverted to VM. I kind of understand what probably happened - the “Route to Voicemail” toggle is located in the exact spot of the phone’s Home button. So, clicking on Home was also toggling the “route to voicemail”. Thanks to everyone that reached out to help!


As we share your frustrations … rest assured that the fix you shared with the community will help someone in the future :star_struck:

  • Your inquire to this community was very complete and a fine example of what usually requires multiple Q&A delays before an answer can be provided.
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, but couldn’t find that Samsung provided the same function(trap)
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