Price increases at Google Fi

If you’ve been considering the Simply Unlimited plan at Google Fi, note that the prices for groups of 3 or more people are going from $20 per person monthly to $25. :disappointed:

I just got an email about this and came here to post it! I’m really bummed about this.

I currently have promotional pricing for several phones that’s tied to having service, so the new prices won’t go into effect until Jan 2, 2026 for me. Please note, this might be different for other people who are not in my situation.

I currently pay $100 per month for 5 lines. When the new pricing goes into effect, I’ll be paying 25% more, or $125 per month.

Here is the email I received:

Your plan pricing will change starting Jan 2, 2026.

We wanted to let you know that in order to continue delivering high quality product offerings and features for our subscribers, we’re updating prices for groups of 3 or more on the Simply Unlimited plan. Prices on the Unlimited Plus and Flexible plans are not changing at this time.

For most subscribers, these changes will go into effect today, March 5. But since you have already one or more active long-term promotions or financed devices on Fi, we’re not changing your plan price until Jan 2, 2026, when these commitments end. After that, your bill will reflect the new price.

Here’s an overview of the Simply Unlimited pricing changes:

Account size Previous price New price
1 $50 $50
2 $80 $80
3 $80 $90
4 $80 $100
5 $100 $125
6 $120 $150

Your existing Simply Unlimited plan offerings haven’t changed. You still get:

  • High-speed data, calls and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Full connectivity for select smartwatches
  • 5GB of high-speed hotspot tethering
  • Family safety features including spam blocking, location sharing and contact controls
  • More ways to stay safe including a VPN for a private online connection

If you have additional questions, you can read our pricing FAQs or get in touch.

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For what it’s worth, $25/month per line is, more or less, where other providers are clustered for “unlimited” though some of them do not require multiple lines for that price.