Question about Transferring One Line Out of a Multiline Boost Infinite Account

Hey folks. Thanks as always for all the great help during the transition from Republic to Boost Infinite. I have been wanting to get away from them but just needed a good push to make the jump and I finally have a couple. So, I am moving over to U.S. Mobile and the sim card is on the way.

I have 3 lines on my account but only want to transfer one line out to start (for various reasons). I don’t think that should be a problem, but wanted to double check with the brain trust here and make sure before actually starting the transfer. Thanks in advance for the help and any warnings to ensure a smooth transition for the one line without disturbing the other two.


Hi @elbajo,

Hopefully, someone who still has service with Boost Infinite will respond. I’ve already moved on. Meanwhile, this is my understanding.

You will need your account number and a porting PIN. The account number is the same for all lines housed in a single account. The porting PIN is line specific.

Your account number is supposed to be available in the Boost Infinite app. Getting the porting PIN requires calling Boost Infinite. I don’t believe chat agents have the ability to provide porting PINs. Since contact with Boost Infinite Care is required for the porting PIN, may as well ask they confirm your account number as well.

Please consider sharing how the process of obtaining port out information goes. Other online sources suggest a conversation with retention is necessary.


It shouldn’t be a problem at all, but I’ve ceased to be surprised at how Boost Infinite can take seemingly simple tasks and mess them up beyond any reasonable belief.

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Thanks for responding. I was mostly looking for anything different/any issues that anyone had noticed when doing a partial port-out (only 1 line rather than all lines). So far, so good. Was able to get the verification of the account number to use (it’s the same as on the monthly bill) and get the PIN as well - all through chat.

I had to be transferred from the initial agent to an account management expert (the retention person you mentioned) who handles port out requests. The person did ask why I was leaving, and I simply stated it was for personal reasons. The agent let it go at that, said he understood, and moved on. So, that seems to be a good way to avoid the usual retentions back and forth.

He wanted to call me for the verification step but said it was no issue if I could not take a call - they would verify in another way. We went down that path and they asked me to provide the dates and amount of my last three payments in a secure form (the amounts should be what you actually paid after any credits were deducted from the monthly total). I did that and they provided me another secure form which had the account number and PIN to use. I took a screenshot and am good to go. Of note is that when I asked how long the PIN is good for, he said that BI’s do not expire so that’s good to know. My U.S. Mobile SIM card supposedly arrived today so I’ll get to that step later tonight at home.

Wish me luck!


Short version. The port from BI to US Mobile is completed for the one phone and all seems to be good.

Longer version: After 30-45 minutes after starting the port process, I did get an e-mail from US Mobile asking me to contact my carrier as they had not yet released the number. So, I called Boost and the CS person was very helpful and friendly. She worked on her end with the back end people and after about 15-20 minutes, she was told the number was manually released so I should be good to go. About 5 minutes later, I no longer had access to my cell signal and US Mobile said the port was complete. I installed the new SIM and restarted to a phone now on U.S. Mobile with Verizon’s network. So, not a perfectly smooth effort, but pretty close and better than I was prepared for.

Now just need to see the ported line disappear from the BI app but I’ll give then a day for systems to refresh, etc. Plus, need to ensure the other two lines remain unaffected!