Remnants of old VoIP Issue Remains

We use Zelle through our banks online banking on our laptop, not the Zelle or bank app. Zelle works fine using the associated E-mail address. We are trying to get the convenience of the bank app when traveling with just our phone.

The bank insists that our cell phone number that was migrated from RW to RW by DISH to Boost Infinite is a VoIP line so their system won’t accept the cell number. We verified the number and name associated with phone with Boost Infinite. Did a check with FirstCarrierLookup and it shows as a wireless number by Cingular Wireless. All as expected.

Worked with our banks IT support and they even tried to manually approve and enter the number. Their system still refuses the cell number. Number works for other places like Social Security and other accounts for 2FA. Not sure what database the bank pulls from for wireless number verification, all I know is it won’t work for us. The only thing the bank offered was for us just to continue using the E-mail and the online banking.

Yes, there are other workarounds, like using a web browser on the phone to access the online banking. It certainly is not as easy as using the banking app. Maybe it’s time to drop the number we’ve had for years and start with a new number with no past VoIP history. Hate to go through all the changes this will entail. We went through something similar for a recent change in E-mail address.

No real moral to this story, just a mild rant! Ahh . . . I feel better already :yum:


Ahhh that sucks. At whatever point it was that it stopped being classified as VoIP, my bank noticed and started accepting my number again.

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