Repurpose Republic Wireless Moto G 16GB

I have 2 Republic Wireless Moto G 16GB phones. I currently allow my kids to use them for taking pictures, videos, and playing approved apps. The phones still have the capability of wireless connectivity but no data.

A couple of questions for repurposing Moto G with wireless for my kids.

  1. Any app or website that would allow Moto G to text to parents phone?
  2. Any way to control serching on the web.
  3. Does Google (current browser) have the ability for parents to monitor a child’s Google account through their parents? Or some other browser with the same capability.

Currently, my kids (11 and 12) don’t have phones and I don’t like the negative consequences of social media and some of the apps.

I would like to use the Moto G (if possible) to introduce using a phone responsibly and safely. My kids are homeschooled and are using laptops with internet access and a parent monitor.

This may be asking a lot but I thought I ask this community for best ideas and practices. Thank you.


By wireless; may we presume you mean WiFi since old 1st and 3rd generation Republic Moto G phones are no longer compatible with any cellular network?

Presuming I’ve got that right:

  1. Your kids could use Google Voice as a WiFi only phone service. They would be able to both make and receive calls as well as exchange text messages with their parents but (and you may not want this) others. You could also set them up with a dedicated messaging app such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or my preferred choice Signal, however, these too would allow for communication with others (not just parents).
  2. There are a variety of parental control apps available on Google’s Play store but I don’t have one in particular to suggest. Hopefully, someone else will speak to that.
  3. Google’s Family Link may be worth looking into.

Yes, WiFi, and no longer compatible with any cellular network. Thanks for the additional info to check out.

Looking into Bark, Qustodio, Net Nanny, and MMGuardian; however, it would be great if there was a way to eliminate ongoing monthly fees.

Kinda like when you use a computer at work and the administrator only allows certain access, certain file saving, no program or app downloading, etc…

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I used Google Family Link for a number of years when my kids were younger. I found it adequate for my needs. I had used Qustodio prior to this, but one of their app releases didn’t play well with one of our phones so I ditched it.


Thanks for the info. My daughter will be 13 in three months, definitely not enough time for investigation and trial run, only to have Family Link give her full access at 13.