Roadblocks to Timely Pixel Security Updates

Why does it seem that Pixel Security Updates get delayed often when using a T-Mobile MVNO?
I assume they go from Google to the carrier to the MVNO to the customer?
I would also assume at any point in this path a delay can (does) occur.

I have a buddy who is on Verizon and he already has the April updates on his Pixel 8.
We have not received the updates yet on our Pixel 6a and 8.
I know I could sideload the update, but I would rather do it the recommended way.
I had a sideload go bad one time on a 4a/5g, and I would rather not do that again.
The April updates patch some pretty high profile “issues”.

I would be interested if any AT&T Boost Infinite Pixel customers already have the April 2024 security update?
Thanks very much!

They shouldn’t.

As I understand it, Pixel updates are direct from Google. No carrier or other middleman is involved. This is one of the Pixel’s selling points.

Just checked my Pixel 6a and though I had to ask for it, the update is currently in progress. My Pixel 6a is running a dual SIM configuration with Mobi’s production Verizon based service on pSIM and Mobi’s cloud core based beta service on eSIM. The cloud core based beta is using T-Mobile coverage. Cell data is set to use eSIM.

Me too!

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I force checked our Pixels several times today when I heard my buddy’s had updated yesterday under verizon. We are on the T-Mobile side of Boost Infinite.
Sometimes I get them pretty quick, other months they drag on for over a week.
If it is to protect me from faulty updates, I appreciate it, if it is just because the person that approves it is on vacation, not so much!

I have the Pixel 8 Pro using dual SIM. I had it set so that Google Fi was my preferred data provider. With that configuration, I checked and my phone has the March update with nothing new available.

I switched so that Boost Infinite (using AT&T) is providing my data and rebooted my phone. There is still no update available.

I wonder if this has to do more with a staggered release than with a delay caused by the service providers?

Is there something specific in the April update you are eager to get?

There are some nasty exploits that need patching pretty quickly!

It is now Sunday, and still no April 2024 Pixel Security updates for either of our phones.
I guess they will release them during the eclipse tomorrow :slight_smile:

I finally gave up waiting, and sideloaded the OTA on my Pixel 6a.
Took about 10 minutes from start to reboot, sweating bullets the whole time.
Hopefully all will be OK !

UPDATE Part Deux:
I checked the Pixel 8 just now (4/8/2024), and NO update yet either.
I sideloaded it to get it updated before “The Eclipse”.

I’m completely baffled as to what the eclipse has to do with the software update, but glad side loading went well for you.

That was all in fun (about the eclipse)!
The time I lost my 4a/5g after a sideload was NOT though, it never booted again.

Did you ever get your April 2024 Android Security Updates?

:relieved: I thought for sure one of us was losing our mind.

No April update for me, yet. But I’m fine waiting.