RW community 'migration' UPDATE

Hey everybody. Just found out the community was shut down…my email/password didn’t work, but I see others have used the ‘forgot password’ and migrated over successfully.

Now that I’ve created a ‘new’ account, is it too late to try again using that method?..(I used the same email/password from the old forum).

UPDATE: So, I called the ‘elusive’ [866-550-9843] RW x Dish support number, and surprisingly, was only on hold for about a minute.
The ‘agent’ Daninel, was unfamiliar with the Ambassador Program, but understood my ‘dilema’.
He explained, that there was a ‘huge’ number of accounts that Management deemed ‘ok’ and didn’t need to transition, luckily, I asked him to check.

Turns out, I was not part of that group…and said he would ‘open-a-ticket’, and should receive my SIM/Transition letter for Boost Infinity? …within 3 business days.

Just wanted to give an ‘extra’ shoutout to Daniel, did a great job answering my questions, and even ‘double-checked’ with his ‘backup’ team.
Well done, Daniel!.

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Hi @c1tobor and welcome!

There was no migration from Republic’s old Community to Real World Users. The need to reset one’s password is the result of Real World Users moving from Vanilla forum software to Discourse.

Since you hadn’t found us while we were using Vanilla, you did the right thing by creating a new account.