RW/Dish 5.0 plan -- call dropped, none can go through- bug or feature?

I have the RW/Dish 5.0 “Only what you need”, and after a harrowing startup, it seems to be working ok.

Today I was on a call and it just dropped–gone. I knew the person would call me back, but nothing came through. I tested by calling my 2nd phone and the call didn’t go through.
I restarted my phone, and then a VM notification showed up from the person that was dropped. They said they kept calling and getting sent directly to VM–no ringing etc. And I was now able to call my other phone, after re-starting. We finally connected and the rest of the call was fine.

Not sure if this is a fluke or something to watch out for.
I’m recording it in my notes to keep track! Does this happen with mobile calling, WiFi calling, or both–I’ll try to notice that if it happens again.

It sounds like your phone lost registration with the network. When that happens the call is lost, and any attempts by someone to reach you would go straight to voicemail. Since the phone is unreachable it’s normal for the caller to hear no ringback tone (same thing would happen if you turned your phone off). Restarting the phone would cause it to re-register with the network. All of this is normal, but if it happens frequently it’s probably something that requires further troubleshooting.