RW -- less spam?

My main phone is still with RW (5.0) and my second/emergency phone is on Tello. Both are Moto gPower phones (2021, 2022).

One thing I’ve noticed is that my RW phone gets very few spam phone calls, while my Tello phone gets daily spam calls. I have True Caller on the Tello phone which is good at IDing spam calls. Plus, since it’s an extra phone, nobody I know will call it unless they can’t get through on my main phone, and I’d probably let them know if my main phone was lost/broken.
I don’t have any anti-spam app on the RW phone. Back when I had the “My Choice” plan, there was a setting for only allowing contact numbers through, which was great. Before that, I did get spam phone calls on my main phone, but with that setting I got zero! That setting is no longer available, unfortunately, but I’m not seeing any spam, which is great!

I’m just wondering what makes the difference in spam calls? The phone? The carrier? The individual phone number?

@NancyM said:
I’m just wondering what makes the difference in spam calls? The phone? The carrier? The individual phone number?

All of the above. The phone number seems to be a driver of certain types of spam if it is/was associated with a senior citizen.

I have Ooma for home phone service and inherited my dad’s old phone
line. Used to get multiple spam calls a day, Switched Ooma to only ring calls from those in the contact list and now I have peaceful bliss. Callers can still leave a VM, but I get very few voice mails. I do occasionally get suspected spam on my BI phone, but at least the phone notifies in advance that it is a spam call.

When I was on RW I experienced A LOT of SPAM/SCAM calls. When I moved to Google Fi the number of calls seemed to stay the same at first. However, a year later I have noticed less SPAM/SCAM calls. Perhaps they come and go in waves.

My conclusion is that it doesn’t seem to matter. My phone number seems to be cursed.

I doubt that many of us would think your number is cursed. I have a Verizon with iPhone that regularly gets a blast of local number spoofing calls (Spam calls from my Area Code/Prefix),
Here are a couple of references you may want to check out

For a time during the early days of RW, the underlying Sprint number for my line had previously belonged to a lady named Raven {surname omitted} who had issues with paying her bills. After about a year of telling several callers a week that the number had been reassigned, the calls stopped. At least they weren’t trying to sell me anything.