RWusers Privacy Policy

The rwusers Community is owned and operated by individuals with a shared interest in enjoying technology affordably. It is not associated with any business or corporate entity.

This forum stores your e-mail address, the IP address you used to register, and your most recently visited-from IP address.

You should be aware that this forum relies on various third-party services which may have access to this stored information to successfully opeate this forum. For example, the data is stored in a database owned by the hosting company, and forum-generated emails are sent through a cloud-based e-mail service.
As of 17 July, 2023, the following products are involved in the operation of this forum:

  • Namecheap: Domain name registration
  • Digital Ocean: Hosting
  • Discourse: Forum platform software
  • Mailjet: Cloud-based email delivery
    Each of these companies may, in turn, rely upon additional third-party services.

The owners of this forum will not sell or distribute your personal information, except as described above, without your expressed permission.

You may request the deletion of your account at any time by personal message to the forum admins.

By participating in, you acknowledge and agree to the above statements.