Search not behaving as expected

My apologies for posting this as a discussion, but I couldn’t find a Website Help or Web Admin link.

Every search query I run on the site returns exactly 10 results. For example, dish, mobile, mvno, mobi, and rw all return exactly 10 search results each. I’ve tried this with different browsers on both PC and Android and get the same experience. This feels like a configuration setting that may be off somewhere, unless it’s by design.

It may very well be a configuration setting of some sort. Finding that configuration setting (presuming it exists) is another matter. I’ll do my best to find time and poke around.

Hopefully, you have had luck in overcoming this problem. I spent a few cycles and have been unable to replicate it.

  • Have you rebooted your network equipment, (modem and router)?

Please ignore my response, it was based on my poor reading, I see the same problem you are experiencing, so possibly one of the site admins will be able to find something.

Hi @jBen, it’s not network equipment related on my side. I’ve seen this behavior on every device I’ve tested, including when using cell data and disconnected from WiFi. That was with Firefox & DDG on Android. Same behavior has been seen on desktop OS’s using Chrome & Firefox. I’ve used both the CTRL-F5 trick to load no-cache pages as well as deleting browsing data.

Hi @cdiggs,

You’re very observant, and I’m able to replicate what you’re describing.

I’m not finding a configuration to limit search results in the admin settings nor even when I poke around in the code of the configuration file.

You could always try a Google site search of this domain.

We’ll be moving to a new platform as soon as I can get the migration figured out.

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Hey @cdiggs,

While we weren’t able to figure out the search behavior on the old platform; we have now moved Community to our new platform.

I think you’ll find search here to be more useful.