Slow MMS delivery and sometimes duplicates on Boost Infinite (T-Mobile SIM)

Has anyone noticed how long it takes to send a single picture message via Boost Infinite (T-Mobile SIM)?
Sometimes it is as quick as 5 seconds, but can be over a minute. Sometimes it even times out and asks to resend. Sometimes when you click the resend, it sends the picture up to 3 or 4 times.
SMS is not a problem, just MMS. I have RCS turned off, and WiFi calling turned off because it does not work anyway over the T-Mobile SIM.
Pixel 6a, Android 13 with all security updates, and Google Playstore updates.

When they shifted you to T-Mobile, did they provide guidance on the necessary APN (Access Point Names) settings? (what are your current APN Settings?)

The MyChoice R.W. plan I came from was T-Mobile, Boost Infinite sent us new SIM cards for the migration.
They told us to use the “CarrierApp” by Dish Wireless to setup the APNs.

I ran that, then after I saw everything was working, I deleted the CarrierApp.
This app created two APNs, one named “internet” the other “hotspot”.
“internet” is the default one, and the main ingredients are:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 240
APN Type: default,mms
MVNO Value: 6432

The MMS messaging issues may not even be related to this, it may be the Exynos modem they use in the Pixel 6a?

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