So long, BoostInfinite

I am currently on hold with BoostInfinite support. I got a message today that they tried to charge my no-longer existent Privacy card. It seems that the full service credits were only for the 6 month trial period and I am now getting reduced credits. The resulting bill month-to-month will exceed the effective cost of my Mint line, so I got transferred to what I assume is retentions, who will not be able to retain me as the BoostInfinite line was only useful while not charged for.

It was an interesting ride. I never did find out if the Canada roaming would work. I’ll just keep using an eSIM profile for Canada.

I got hung up on and have called back.

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At 37 minutes of muzak, I hung up. Time to get a pizza. :pizza:

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I’ve had two support calls and two support chats regarding my Project Genesis account. I’ve been hung up on twice, and had the chat screen lockup twice. All when they’ve finished working though their script.

You should be getting the discount for life of the line… did you change something in those 6 months?

I haven’t changed a thing. I even brought up the e-mail that said the credits would continue, but apparently that is not for all the credits. It’s not really worth a big fight. When I finally get ahold of retentions, I’ll raise the point again, but I doubt it will mean much. BI has shown a disinclination to honor their obligations, implied or stated.


I managed to get to retentions. They looked in to the mess, and concluded that if I continue, my monthly cost would be a little over $10/month.

They offered a 50% credit on the current month service and $10 credit for the next 6 months. I decided to take that for the moment as it will make my costs less than $1/month for the next 6 months. I will get to test Canada roaming, anyway.

This will give me the time to consider if the line is worth $10 and change per month. I’m putting a tickler in my schedule for October to remind me to review the issue.

The cost might be attractive for converting my main line over, but as you might gather, I’m less than certain about the stability of BI.

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Which discounts are they no longer honoring for you?

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The rep made an attempt to explain, but it was less than coherent and I was running out of time due to plans with friends. When I have more time I’ll call back and see if I can get a better explanation. Since I haven’t actually altered the plan they should be able to dig through the records.

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Update: I decided that, before I call them again, I would examine the bill log and think it out carefully. On reviewing the payment history this time, I looked at each entry carefully. That’s when I realized something that has zoomed past me, and explains some of the incongruity in the numbers.

I had failed to properly register the Global Talk and Text add-on. as far as I can remember, there was no equivalent in the Everywhere you Go plan. The closest match was international texting, which did not include voice calls.

On top of a feature I have no use for, the Global Talk and Text and North America Connect are being billed at a rate higher than listed on the web site. I might attribute this to taxes but the base cost for both options is $10. GT&T is being billed at $14.27 and NAC at $10.35. And the basic Infinite Unlimited is being charged at 25.80. If I figure these as including taxes, this works out to 42.7%, 3.5% and 3.2% respectively.

Now, the above is from the Payment History section of the app. The “My Bill” section gives different numbers. The bill section lists all the charges as would be expected, then a separate block for the assorted taxes.This does not add up to the amount that adding up the elements of the bill history section, which totals out higher.

I can tell that I’m going to have to pick a day when I have nothing else scheduled to call them about this mess.

To quote a cartoon dog: “It just don’t add up!”

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