System Update - Samsung A54 5G (One UI 6.0 - Android 14)

One of our Samsung A54 5G (SM-A546U1) phones received the One UI 6.0 update (Android 14) today. Merry Christmas I guess. We were brave enough to try the update during a holiday :smile:

Definitely a new look. According to the documentation –

Also had a security update (December 1, 2023) available after the UI 6.0, so have some spare time to get all the updates done.

Have not had much time to poke around and explore the changes, but things appear stable. Really like the UI design changes so far. Hope this helps anyone interested in the update!

EDIT - second phone got the updates today. Now DW gets to learn and test some of the new UI also :slightly_smiling_face: Looks good so far!