T-Mobile Is Buying Mint Mobile

Like the recent BestMVNO article regarding RW, this doesn’t yet qualify as news but in case it’s of interest to anyone:


Rumor has it that they’ve been looking for a buyer since last summer, but the asking price was a bit steep.

Yup, and the rumored buyer (at the time) was Altice. Time will tell whether this rumor ends up being reality (or not).

If it’s reality, Ryan Reynolds is really on a roll.

The denizens of Mint’s subreddit seem as excited as when RW announced its acquisition by DISH and it’s (as of now) just a rumor.

This rumor has panned out. T-Mobile has agreed to purchase the Mint Mobile brand along with its sister brand Ultra Mobile: T‑Mobile to Acquire and Turbocharge Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile, Brands Will Continue Delivering Value on the Un‑carrier’s 5G Network.

@rolandh Now who will take the crown of being the cheapest carrier? Will it be Mint…(a.k.a T-Mobile later on this year)?

Here’s the video announcement:

There’s no denying that Mint is good at marketing. Remember this little gem from Republic Wireless? It didn’t gain a lot of traction:

That's Just a Fact

Thank goodness T-Mobile is buying Mint. I had worried Dish might buy Mint and trash it like they did RW. Who knows, T-Mobile might hold the line on pricing and add roaming.

A friend shared this with me: T-Mobile Acquires Ryan Reynold’s Mint Mobile In Effort To Make Company More Annoying. :joy:

Gotta love 'The Onion:smiley:

I’m so glad I didn’t go to Mint. Although I have way more faith in T-Mobile than I do Dish.


I am now into my third year with Mint on my primary line. So far, so good. I only have issues in extremely rural areas, and I can use RW/ATT to fill the gap.

@mwgardiner said:
I am now into my third year with Mint on my primary line. So far, so good. I only have issues in extremely rural areas, and I can use RW/ATT to fill the gap.

I tried Mint, too, but had coverage issues in rural and not so rural areas. Switched to Boost Infinite (AT&T) for $25.86 per month, in December, and have had great coverage. Very satisfied.

When I bought a Pixel 4 XL from B&H Photo going on 4 years ago now, it was bundled with 3 months of Mint service free. At the time, I had no desire to move a number to Mint but since it was free did activate the SIM. There was a hiccup in doing so and I wasn’t favorably impressed with Mint’s service and support so, after the three months just moved on.

I appreciate many have been happy with Mint but there are other options in the market whose customer service and support impress me far more than Mint’s did. Additionally, I have no desire to pay anyone a year in advance.

Mint Mobile Is Upping Its Data Plans on April 14:

While I’ve been with them, this is the second time they’ve upped the allotments. Two months after I signed up, my 3GB plan became a 4GB plan.

FWIW, from the NY Post: Ryan Reynold’s Mint Mobile deal with T-Mobile faces DOJ scrutiny, source says:

Sorry Ryan, but I think the deal should be blocked. T-Mobile already has plenty of prepaid options.