T-Mobile MMS Issues

Well…T-Mobile has been a bit of a pain. The two Android users in our family, me and my mom, are both experiencing MMS issues.

I tried creating an MMS last week with 8 people. No matter how many times I sent it, it would show as sent, but no one would receive it. I have also been getting MMS messages out of order.

My mom has been getting notifications (in individual threads) that say “Tap to download attachment.” If she clicks it, the message is downloaded and added to the group chat. She’s also getting “Message not sent” errors.

Odd stuff. We have both used a T-Mobile MVNO in the past, before and have experienced nothing like this before.

I have tried disabling RCS on my phone, resetting network settings, using a different texting app, and sending in data all to no avail.

Really odd stuff. Any ideas?

Is WiFi turned off? If not you might try that. I’ve had problems in the past where MMS wouldn’t work if I had WiFi turned on.

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This would have been my go-to, paired with making absolutely sure to add the correct APNs for the new service. A network settings reset + factory reset (:grimacing:) might need to be your last resort. (Yes, both.)

How’s coverage, and are the issues happening during times when deprioritized data might be a factor? (Nearby heavy commute times or high-density event?) If you try browsing a website you’ve never browsed before as you’re experiencing this issue, are you able to do so?

Any apps on the phone that are meant to control or meter your data usage?

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Hey SP!

I was thinking about a factory reset previously. I may need to do it. The MMS settings I checked looked good. I’ll double check them though.

Coverage is good at my location (overall, though it can vary). Prioritization is not issue since I’m on Go 5G Plus (there is none). As far as data restrictions go, there shouldn’t be any. I haven’t used any third party apps to restrict data for a while (if I ever have). I have truly unlimited, priority data, so I’m not really concerned with restricting data usage :wink: .

I may do the dreaded factory reset. Maybe that will fix it.

I’m wondering if I should disable RCS before I do it. I’m thinking yes.

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I tried it with both off and on. Didn’t change anything sadly :confused: