Tello Is an Example of What Customer Service Can Be

Tello has a unique feature. If one’s plan includes metered minutes or data; anything unused rolls over indefinitely, so long as one manually renews their plan no later than day 29 of the 30 day bill cycle. On day 30, the plan auto-renews and any accumulated rollover balances are lost.

Recently, I find I’m preoccupied with offline events and I managed to miss the most recent manual renewal. So; I called Tello to ask if they might be willing to add back the accumulated rollover balances I lost. The call was answered with no wait time on hold. The result of the call was Tello did indeed (as a courtesy and very efficiently) add back the accumulated rollover balances I had lost:

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 9.24.35 AM

I was on the phone with Tello for maybe 5 minutes total. There was no need for the agent to escalate to a mysterious back office or for me to wait days for an answer that might or might not come.

Tello didn’t have to do this. But; this is an example (from which others might learn) of how one surprises, delights and earns loyal customers.


I had the same thing – forgot to manually renew, and they restored the data/minutes as a courtesy. Now I’m extra careful to check off the tiny little box so they will email me, plus I put the date I need to renew on my calendar.
I second what you said – Great customer service!!