Tello Price Cuts!

Tello has cut prices and/or added to high-speed data allotments across its plans.

“Unlimited” talk, text and cell data (35 GB at 4G/5G speeds) is now $25 plus taxes and telecom fees per month.

Metered plans have increased data for the same price. As one example, unlimited talk & text plus 5 GB of cell data is now $15 plus taxes and telecom fees per month. One might note that matches Mint Mobile’s pricing with no need to pay multiple months to a year in advance.

A potential downside on Tello’s metered plans is with the increase of high-speed data, data is capped. There is no more “unlimited” slow data once high-speed data is exhausted. One may buy additional high-speed data.

Existing Tello subscribers will see lower prices and/or higher data limits with the renewal of their plan.

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I have my 2nd/extra phone on Tello, so I’m on a minimal plan – 100 mins/500 MB for $6/month.
They are raising my data to 1GB/month, same price.

I manually renew early so the minutes and GB that I didn’t use just accumulate, so I have plenty in case of an emergency.

I really like Tello!


I was thrilled to learn that I’m now getting double the data, now, for the same price, which is now 2g per month for $10.