That's it, I'm moving to Iceland! ๐Ÿ˜‚


The top 10% of Speedtest users clocked download speeds at 698.62 Mbps or greater, driven by greater adoption of faster fiber and cable technologies,โ€ Giles said. โ€œAt the other end of the scale, the lower 10% of users recorded speeds of 30.49 Mbps or less โ€” more in line with legacy broadband technologies such as DSL.

Looking at you, AT&T.

Disparities in speed among states is another problem. For instance, Ookla found Rhode Island, Connecticut and Florida had the fastest median download speeds in May. At the bottom end were states like Wyoming, Montana and Alaska, the latter having a median speed of 96.31 Mbps.

Well, not my corner of Florida. The reported speeds for Alaska, Montana and Wyoming are all faster than what AT&T delivers to my address located in the 9th largest metropolitan area in the U.S.

Of course, the degree one needs network speeds in the hundreds of Mbps is debatable. The cost for speeds delivered, however, varies widely across the U.S. and is relatively high compared to the rest of the world.

Florida โ€“ hurricanes, alligators, sinkholes, โ€œFlorida Manโ€ โ€“ so now add โ€˜slow download speedsโ€™ to the list !!

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