The FCC Wants to Stop SIM Swaps but, of Course, the Industry Needs More Time

Heaven forfend wireless providers be asked to do something to protect their customers. Every provider should already have robust protections in place to protect their customers from SIM swapping. To their credit, some do. If the industry as a whole did, there would be no need for the FCC to step in.


I called my cell provider to ask what protections they have against SIM-swapping and they said they have “procedures” to verify and prevent it. But I couldn’t get any more info than that.
It didn’t reassure me at all.

From what I remember, Republic Wireless at least had a phone PIN that you had to give them to do anything when calling.

I hope that the laws catch up with technology one of these days. It seems like tech has been running forward without having to account for anything or make things safer for customers.

I say the same about banks – they offer 2FA via phone, but that’s only as good as your phone security, which I’ve been thinking/worrying about more lately…

I’ve also changed lots of my not-important account numbers to my secondary phone #, so if there is a data breach, that is the phone I use less. I don’t think it would prevent anything, but I’m really trying to limit where my primary phone # gets given out.

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