Thoughts on Visible

Must say that Visible is looking better by the day :smirk:

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Visible has attractive pricing. But; if looking for better customer service and support than that provided by Boost Infinite, you’ll likely find that lacking at Visible as well.

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Yes, they have a familiar support structure. No brick and mortar presence, no phone support; just an online presence. The Visible + plan checks all the boxes for us except visual voicemail (iPhones only). Cost is a factor (always) but not the controlling factor.

Hope others will jump in with comments about their experience with Visible. It all helps when shopping. And the shopping will continue while we have backup phones on another carrier. Being careful not to lose our old numbers.

Thanks for your comments! Probably should have started another topic instead of posting here.

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I’m talkning about the quality of support not the structure. Visible’s reputation is quality of support isn’t great. Here’s some opinions:

You might also consider lurking their subreddit.

Thanks @rolandh it looks like we have more homework to do :thinking:

My experience with Visible was weird, but ultimately good. I had a Pixel 1 active on Visible, and then one day I was told my Pixel 1 wouldn’t be compatible anymore. In response they sent me a Pixel 3a for free. The service was very good. Verizon has the most robust network in my area.

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I were looking for the plan they were offering. As it is, I’m planning on spending more time abroad, and Google Fi’s top of the line plan is what I desire at the moment.


I used Visible briefly though not particularly recently. For the short period of time I was there, things just worked, so I had no need to test their support.

I did notice when lurking their subreddit, others seemed less fortunate than I did. In particular, there seemed to be more porting issues than I would expect to see. As a former Republic Expert, I recall issues with porting to Visible (Republic wasn’t the problem in most cases).

@Louisdi has experience with Visible though, perhaps, not recent either.

My Wife recently helped a friend’s elderly mom get a Visible SIM and activate her gifted iPhone. No problems were encountered in the activation or approx 1 month of service so interaction with support was not necessary.

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