Ting, anyone ............?

On another forum I saw that a couple of people really like TIng. I had TIng from 2014-2018 – once my usage increased, the pricing didn’t make sense and I went to RW. But Ting was excellent – coverage, service, etc.

I know that Ting was also purchased by Dish, but the recent forum posts I read were from people who sounded pretty happy with it.

Anyone have thoughts about Ting these days?

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Hi @NancyM,

I’m curious as to which forum posts you refer. The only Ting focused forum I frequent is their subreddit. What I see there is mostly negative.

Anyone considering Ting should know that DISH doesn’t own the Ting Mobile brand. DISH acquired the majority of Ting Mobile subscribers (those using T-Mobile network SIMs). Ting Mobile subscribers using Verizon network SIMs and the Verizon MVNO contract were retained by Tucows (Ting’s parent company).

DISH’s agreement with Tucows allowing it to use the Ting Mobile brand for the subscribers it acquired expires year-end 2023. That agreement has been extended in the past and might once again be extended but there’s no certainty to that. Absent a further extension, DISH’s Ting Mobile subscribers will need to be rebranded to something else by this year’s end. Tucows will continue to use the Ting brand for its fiber Internet business and (for now) the retained Verizon network mobile subscribers. Generally, it is not possible to sign up for Ting’s Verizon network mobile service unless one is also a Ting Internet subscriber.

Finally, Ting’s current plans aren’t particularly market competitive. Mobi, MobileX, Tello and US Mobile all offer more competitively priced plans. Mobi, Tello and US Mobile are all known for offering the kind of support once offered by RW and Ting. My experience with MobileX in terms of support has been good, however, Mobi, Tello and US Mobile are more established players.

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I was pleasantly surprised to hear of some recent positive reviews.
I always like Ting, but their previous pay-as-you-go didn’t work when my usage increased.

I also remember reading somewhere that you had posted that the Ting arrangement was different than the RW arrangement with Dish.

I guess I’m irrationally loyal to some brands!!

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I was a Ting customer from 2012 until just a few months ago. It used to be fantastic. When Dish took over it was still fantastic for a time, but that time has passed. They replaced Ting’s wonderful product support team with the same mess shared by Dish’s other brands. Recent reviews on Trustpilot aren’t glowing:

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The current situation with the Ting Mobile brand is complex because there are two separate companies sharing it.

Tucows owns the brand and continues to use it for subscribers with Ting V1 (Verizon network) SIMs. Acquiring a Ting V1 SIM is not easy or straightforward.

DISH is licensed by Tucows to use the Ting Mobile brand for subscribers with Ting X1 or X3 (T-Mobile network) SIMs through year-end 2023.

From what I see on Ting’s subreddit, if one is fortunate enough to be a Tucows retained subscriber with a Ting V1 SIM, support is as good as it historically has been at Ting (if one knows how to contact them directly).

For subscribers with Ting X1 or X3 SIMs now owned by DISH, the support experience is the same mediocre at best experience other DISH brands get.

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Thanks for the info.
It’s sad to see formerly good services (RW, Ting, etc) deteriorate