Trade in deal for a Pixel tablet

Google will give you the Pixel Tablet for free if you trade-in an iPad

I have a bunch of tablets lying around, but no iPads. I’m not sure I’ve really used a tablet in several years. Many supervisors at work were provided with iPads a couple years ago, but I haven’t seen any of them used in the last year. Are others here still using your tablets?

I rarely use one other than my work issued iPad but since I have an iPad 6 gathering dust I thought why not. The iPad 6 likely won’t receive anymore iOS updates and the 32gb of storage is a problem. I have enough Google store credit to cover the tax so I won’t have to pay anything out of pocket. The pixel tablet reviews I’ve seen are mixed but it should be sufficient enough for my needs and unlike iPads it’ll have multi user support so it’s a more sharable device.