Transferring (Porting) a Number from Republic Wireless

Given all the changes with the brand now referring to itself as Republic Wireless by DISH, we’ve seen some confusion regarding the information needed to transfer (port) one’s number away from Republic to an alternative service provider.

First, some good news. All Republic numbers are now “real” mobile numbers. No longer does it take days to port a Republic number. It’s now a matter of minutes to hours.

RW by DISH’s documentation for porting out is linked here: Transferring Your Number from Republic Wireless. In short, one needs two pieces of information to port out:

  1. An account number
  2. A port out PIN

Acquiring a port out PIN requires a call to support. It is no longer possible to use the 4-digit account PIN one may have set up online for porting a number out. Only a specific and temporary six-digit port out PIN provided by support will work.

Support will ask a series of questions (likely including the previously mentioned 4-digit account PIN) intended to verify one is who they represent themselves to be. Support may or may not then place a call to the number one wishes to port out expecting that you will answer. The purpose of all this is to prevent someone else from highjacking one’s phone number.

Support will also provide an account number, however they do not always provide the correct account number. Fortunately, the account number is still available online, That said, the directions provided in RW by DISH’s documentation will not lead to the correct account number in all cases. Please read on for how to find the correct account number for both Republic 5.0 (Need, Want or Go) plans and My Choice plans.

Identifying Your Plan

To identify your plan, please do the following:

  1. Sign into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless
  2. Note what is said under “My Plan”

If among the words under My Plan you see “Only What You Need”, “Everything You Want” or 'Everywhere You Go", please read the Republic 5.0 section of this post.

If among the words under My Plan you see “My Choice”, please skip past the Republic 5.0 section and read the My Choice section of this post.

Republic 5.0

The account number needed to port a Republic 5.0 number to another service provider is the 10-digit phone number one wishes to port without dashes. One may verify that as follows:

  1. Sign into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless.
  2. For the number one wishes to port out, click Transfer My Number Out.
  3. There, you’ll find the account number is indeed the 10-digit phone number being ported out.

My Choice

The account number needed to port a My Choice number is not the 10-digit phone number one wishes to port out. It is an 11-digit number. You’ll find it as follows:

  1. Sign into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless.
  2. For the number one wishes to port out, click Transfer My Number Out.
  3. There, you’ll find the 11-digit account number. No matter what RW by DISH tries to tell you, that’s the correct account number for porting out a My Choice plan number.
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Hi @rolandh, any chance you know if this process for porting out my number is still the same at this point in time? Wondering if 866-550-9843 still works or if it’s probably just Boost’s customer service at this point…

Good Morning @flufflybunnykl,

As of two weeks ago when I ported my last number away, the process for porting from Republic remains the same.

Some of us, myself included, have been advised by support Republic account numbers begin with an A. I ignored support’s advice on the account number. I used the account number found online as described in the article relying on support only for the port out PIN. My port out was successful.

Regarding 866_550_9843, I just dialed the number and it was answered “thank you for calling Republic Wireless”. That said, I’m pretty sure, all DISH brands share the same call centers and, at times, the same agents.

Thanks! I’ll report back what happens.


Update! After a mere 8-minute hold, I got my port-out number with no problems at all. The agent did ask me what carrier I was porting out from so probably all the same agents working behind RW/Dish/Boost at the end of the day. I will probably get nightmares from that hold music for a while… Thanks for your help Roland.

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This is the second comment I’ve heard about the hold music not being pleasing to the ear.

You’re quite welcome!

Have you decided on an alternate carrier?

I just went with Google Fi flexible plain albeit the pricing is not great as a single line. I might get my husband to join over from Boost once the dust settles; $25/month for unlimited sounded like a great plan and I was excited for it, until this nightmare transition made it impossible. I looked through the reviews on here and ultimately decided I would really like to not experience multiple acquisitions and transitions again. 10+ years with RW was a good run. Hoping that Google being the mega corporation it is will be able to execute its service well and hold on to it. Yes, Google, you can run my entire life from search engine to email to phone service to phone (I’m still on a Moto G7 for now, but probably will go to a Pixel eventually), collect all my personal data, lol.