Update on Helium Mobile

I opened ‘two’ differnet acconts on Helium…before, BI said they would honor our discount.
Through much, back and forth, they refunded me one account fee’s.

The other, We put the pSim into an Apple phone…and it asked for no 'Email, Login, or any other form of ‘identity’…just a CC nunber…the account is paid for, for the month, and, it starts, when the “order” is placed, not when you get the pSIM.

So, 15-days into Feb, we cannot
‘activate’ a paid term, without entering the CC info again?.. does this sound ‘legit’ to you all?.

Currently, Helium Mobile does not allow for housing multiple lines in a single account.

What is it you refer to that asked for no credentials other than payment information? Is it the Helium Mobile app? Generally, unless one signs out, once signed into the app on your device, one will remain signed in, so it wouldn’t be necessary for the app to prompt for credentials again.

Regarding the request for payment information, do you see a payment method listed here when signed into your Helium Mobile account: https://my.hellohelium.com/account?

I’m not a fan of this approach but it’s not uncommon in telecom in and of itself.

I cannot speak to what is required to activate a Helium Mobile physical SIM as I’m using Helium Mobile on eSIM. Given iPhone is eSIM capable, I’m curious as to why you opted for a physical SIM since eSIM activation is instant?

Helium Mobile does require auto-pay just like the old Republic Wireless did. Perhaps, they are just confirming the payment method for future charges? Have you inquired with Helium Mobile support?

I’m not into crypto, so I push that aspect of Helium Mobile’s service to the side and treat it as I would any other service provider. I’ve been using Helium for four months now. They’ve faithfully auto-charged my payment method four times in the amount of $5.51 (those of us in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties Florida are eligible for discounted “unlimited” service at $5/month plus taxes and telecom fees).

Whether Helium Mobile’s business model is viable over time remains to be seen and time will tell, however, they’ve given me no reason to question their legitimacy. So far, they’ve billed me appropriately and delivered the service payed for.