UScellular Is said to Be Exploring Strategic Alternatives

UScellular (a regional carrier with its own network) not to be confused with US Mobile (an MVNO offering coverage on Verizon’s or T-Mobile’s networks) is exploring “strategic alternatives”:

Often, this means selling. Is anyone here using UScellular?

My son’s phone is on UScellular. Happy with it thus far. They made a questionable decision to sell spectrum and about 10% of their customers to Sprint back in 2012.

Wish I had some UScelllular stock to sell today:


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I have a very senior friend who has had UScellular for quite a long time now. He likes them. They have stores all over here. When he told me how much he was paying, I quickly lost interest in them. But, he is not very tech savvy, so the ability to go to the store to get help with his phone is a big bonus.

My first cell phone was with US Cellular since they cover my hometown. That was well before smartphones and I think my plan only had 30 minutes of calling and roaming ($) started when I left the county.