Warp 5g on US Mobile

Has anyone heard about the US Mobile “Warp5g” not working with a previously locked now unlocked phone?

Hi @joegolfer56,

It’s sometimes not possible to activate a previously carrier locked phone on eSIM even after the carrier lock has been removed. This is true for but not limited to US Mobile.

A physical SIM will work.


Hi @joegolfer56,

US Mobile’s Warp 5G uses Verizon’s network, and there are some unlocked phones that are not supported on Verizon’s network. Is your phone a Samsung A32? See: Boost Infinite transition - #26 by old_engineer

No we have iPhone 13 pro purchased from Republic

Ah. Probably best to ignore me and listen to @rolandh! :grin:


Good Morning @joegolfer56,

I guess I need to avoid posting from my phone as often when doing so I manage to be insufficiently detailed. :smiley: Pease allow me to me provide a more detailed answer.

I’ve noted from lurking US Mobile’s subreddit; carrier unlocked phones otherwise compatible with US Mobile’s “Warp 5G” (Verizon network) SIM cannot be activated on eSIM. These otherwise compatible phones will activate using a physical US Mobile “Warp 5G” (Verizon network) SIM.

Even though you purchased your iPhone 13 Pro from Republic; if you haven’t already done so and prefer eSIM, I would suggest attempting to activate with US Mobile on eSIM.

Unlike Androids, which may have carrier specific firmware builds, a carrier unlocked iPhone isn’t different in any meaningful way from a factory unlocked iPhone. Apple doesn’t do carrier specific firmware.

Should you decide to attempt eSIM activation with US Mobile and the attempt fails, a physical US Mobile “Warp 5G” (Verizon network) SIM will work (according to multiple posts from US Mobile support reps in their subreddit).

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Thanks once again for responding. I just ordered 2 of the US Mobile kits which includes 1 of each. With a code for one free kit.

I will try the eSIM first and if it doesn’t work switch to the physical.

Code was FREEKIT


Just checked with US Mobile rep on chat about using esim on my wife’s phone and after checking the IMEI was asked if it was previously locked. It must have showed that info. Was told they didn’t activate esim on phones that were previously locked.

Yes, that is indeed US Mobile’s position on the matter. But, if one doesn’t tell them the phone was previously locked, it may just activate on eSIM. Either way, there is fallback to a physical SIM.

It’s up to @joegolfer56 and others reading whether they would want to attempt activating on eSIM knowing there is a chance it might very well fail then fallback to a physical SIM, if necessary.

My point of view is there is no harm in trying. I respect others may not share that point of view.