What made you laugh today?

We have a topic like this at work, and it’s a lot of fun, so I thought we’d give it a try here.

Please share the things that make you laugh from day to day. These posts don’t have to be technology-related!

Please do keep your posts family-friendly, at least PG-13, or post a disclaimer and use the spoiler feature if it might make your friendly prude-of-a-moderator (me) blush.

I’ll go first, but please don’t be shy!

Someone shared this at work today. I’m a bit of a linguistics nerd, so I thought this tour of North American accents was hilarious. Perhaps it’ll make you at least smile. How accurate do you think it is?


I always felt that I would retire when I stopped having fun … worked fine until I was 74 and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Just saw this in the local news, wish I knew this when I first came to the Raleigh area.
Southern sayings: How to talk like a North Carolina native

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I think I learned how to speak North Carolinian by growing up with Andy Griffith reruns. At least I always seemed to fit in well enough when I had to visit customers there. Nobody there ever threatened my wellbeing, unlike Kentucky.


I don’t know if I’d go quoting all those sayings, @jben. I’m a 50+ year NC native, and there are a bunch on that list I’ve never heard.

To be fair, though, there are a whole lot I have heard, or have heard slight variations of, and are so familiar with them, I didn’t realize the were regional.

(And if you want to sound truly local, “fixin’ to” is pronounced fIʔn̩ə)

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After 30 some odd years my wife and I just accepted the fact we will always be the couple “from California” to our homegrown friends and neighbors. I can say in that time I have learned how to pronounce Earp St (Arp St) and a few others nowhere near their spelling. I have also come to enjoy hearing folks not from around here try to pronounce Fuquay.


Maybe someone can help me fill in the details. I was watching cable news this summer and Ron DeSantis had mentioned that he could accomplish something (I did not hear what he was supposedly going to accomplish) in eight years as President. Donald Trump fired back by saying, “Who the h**l wants to wait eight years, I’ll do it in six months.”

It just makes me laugh whenever I think about Trump’s “one-upmanship.”

“Are you a politician or does lying just run in your family?”

Fannie Flagg, (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe)


Did RW by Dish run out of envelopes?.