When It Comes to Mobile Networks: The Survey Says Reliability Trumps Speed

The reliability champ and the also-ran might surprise you. I found the information on which network was most reliable regionally to be of interest.

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Yep. Give me a reliable network that allows me to stream video (lower res is fine) without buffering every minute and I’m a happy guy. In my area that means prioritized T-Mobile or Verizon. I was hopeful that it might include Dish’s 5G network, but so far that’s a big fail.

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So we have the Verizon LTE home internet with truly unlimited data 1080p speeds, $50 per month (w autopay). And we use MobileX for our smartphones for under $10 per month per phone, under 1 gig of data. I constantly get email and snail mail reminders that if we signed up for Verizon top tiers of cell plans, our internet bill would be $15 less.

Seems like one of these providers could simply sell a phone with truly unlimited LTE data, with unlimited tethering for devices for $75 per month and score a lot of cheapskate customers like me. One device does it all. We don’t stream much media, nor spend much time on the internet. Reliability over speed!