Who Needs Boost Infinite When There's Infimobile! ๐Ÿ˜„

I managed to stumble on a provider Iโ€™d not heard of before today! Other than now being aware of their existence, I know nothing about them. They publish a local Atlanta number in addition to a toll-free number, however, language on their website suggests it was not designed by native American English speakers.

Their month-to-month pricing is nothing special.

Their TOS mentions Infimobile/Inficloud. Inficloud advertises themselves as a turnkey solutions provider for wireless MVNOs. Inficloud appears to have operations in India, with a registered US address in a nice house near a country club in Duluth, GA. The address is also that of Telezen Associates, and is in close proximity to an office building address for Infimobile.

Finding this information was a hodgepodge of Google searches. Trying to do this easy way using Bard yielded mostly inaccurate results. It appears Googleโ€™s AI still has a ways to go.