WiFi Calling and Text Messaging Not Working After Migration to Boost Infinite

I hate to be a pain, but I did notice something else.
When I go into airplane mode (made sure WIFI was active), MMS and SMS do not work.
When I go to make a WIFI call it says:
“Turn off airplane mode or connect to a wireless network to make a call”.
I know WIFI is active because Android Firefox can do a speed test!
Used to be on my 6a Pixel both SMS and MMS worked under My Choice on WIFI (and WIFI calling).
I have calling preference set to “Call Over WI-Fi” which says if Wi-Fi is unavailable, use mobile network.
Did the Carrier App do something to my APN or adjust some settings?

Hi @muerte33,

I’ve split this post to its own topic because it’s more of a troubleshooting situation.

Theoretically, CarrierApp is supposed to set the appropriate APNs for you. My general experience is Pixels will set appropriate APNs without assistance from an app; so, you might want to try resetting the APNs to defaults then restart the phone without installing CarrierApp to see if that sorts things.

APNs may also be set manually but the only information I’m able to find on Boost Infinite’s website pertains to Boost Infinite AT&T network SIMs. Your Boost Infinite SIM is a T-Mobile network SIM. Just as the old Republic used either T-Mobile or Sprint, Boost Infinite uses either AT&T or T-Mobile.

I think but am not entirely certain, the APNs for Ting Mobile’s X3 SIM are the same as those for Boost Infinite T-Mobile network SIMs:

I wish I could be of more help, however, I’ve made the decision not to move to Boost Infinite and even if I did my 5.0 SIM (which wouldn’t need to be replaced) is an AT&T network SIM.

You might just need to contact Boost Infinite support.

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I am on the T-Mobile one, and the instructions they sent for manually changing the APN are definitely AT&T!
I wish I had not installed that Carrier App, but I wanted to follow directions.
The APN Type is the only big difference I see between Ting and Boost (MMSC is exactly what Ting has)
Ting has for APN Type:
Boost only has for APN Type:

Hi @muerte33,

What happens if you take the phone out of Airplane mode? Is it critical you operate the phone in Airplane mode?

Everything works if I turn off airplane mode.
I never put it in airplane mode except to test SMS,MMS, and voice over WIFI.
It is no big deal now that we have a 30gb allotment of high speed data every month.
I used to have to work with 1gb only.
Thanks RolandH

When we all switched to Republic Wireless non-Wifi-First, I wrote down my APN settings that worked well. I may try those and see what happens, I can always delete them and go back to the Carrier App generated one. I did notice the Carrier App also created a second APN called “Hotspot” against Tethering.Dish.com.

Today I did a speed test at the local Walmart while on Boost Infinite, it showed a 5G connection, and it went over 200mbps. I shut it down after I saw how fast it was going (and eating up data)!
If they would come up with a deal for tethering (like prepay for a year for $60), I might jump on it, and get rid of my AT&T/Onstar $15 a month unlimited plan for my truck.