WiFi Calling Not Working?

Do you have an Android phone that you believe should support WiFi calling (VoWiFi) but, for whatever reason, it’s not working with your service provider of choice? If so, I’ve discovered a potential solution.

If this is of interest, please respond to the topic and I’ll provide details.

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I would be interested in that, given that I’m on a split situation. One carrier works, the other doesn’t.

Since I know you to be a tech savvy user, I’ll dispense with step-by-step instructions.

You will need to install two apps on the phone, Shizuku and Pixel IMS. Both are available on Google’s Play store. If I remember correctly, you are running a custom ROM, so, if you prefer, both apps are open source and also available on GitHub here and here respectively.

Shizuku is an enabling app that allows other apps to access Android system APIs via ADB. It does this on the phone itself. There is no need to install ADB tools on a computer though that is an option. Root is not required though that too is an option. The phone needs to be attached to WiFi with Wireless Debugging enabled in Developer Options.

Pixel IMS allows access to various settings in the phone’s IMS subsystem via Shizuku. Among available options, hopefully, you’ll see toggles for VoWiFi. Pixel IMS’ original intent was access to IMS settings on Google Pixels. It does, however, work on other manufacturer’s phones. I’ve successfully enabled WiFi calling (VoWiFi) on a factory unlocked 2021 Moto G Pure with a Tello SIM and I know of one instance where a Redditor was able to enable VoWiFi on their international Asus Zenfone also using a Tello SIM. Tello uses T-Mobile’s network.

Thanks. I’ll be digging into this after my current project, which is upgrading from LineageOS 20 to 21, as 20 has been EOL’ed on my phone model. I am working out the procedure to do a “dirty” upgrade (this seems to be the term when you are not wiping and reinstalling from scratch), since I would prefer not having to wipe and rebuild given the types of data that cannot be backed up, such as WiFi lists. (If you know of a way to do this, I’d love to hear it.)

This is a fussy process and if you do anything wrong, you have to wipe and rebuild. Guess how I know this.

Once that is done, either way, I’ll be looking into your recommendation. I suspect that it probably won’t work as this is AT&T and I think the issue is blocking at their end, but I’m curious to see if there is a way around that. I know, not likely, but functional restrictions for no legitimate reason are the proverbial red flag to a bull for me.

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Information for saved WiFi networks is now supposed to be backed up when backing up a phone to one’s Google account.

If not interested in backing the phone up to one’s Google account, Swift Backup can do it but for saved WiFi information root is required:

{insert theory and practice meme here}

I’ll look that up, eventually one might actually work.

In addition to Google backup I’ve saved all the QR codes that my Pixel generates when sharing a WiFi network. I’ve saved the screenshots of the codes to a secure note and can quickly scan all the codes when setting up a new device. The new device will save the network information even though the WiFi network is not in range. My house hold is a mix of iOS and Android devices so nothing easily syncs.