Will Airchat be the next big thing?

Audio-based chat app is probably not going to appeal to kids sending messages back and forth in class.

In class, no and your son would probably be a better representative of his generation generally but there is evidence younger folk are becoming more interested in talk:

Interest in flip phones is exploding among Gen Z and younger Millennials | ZDNET

Seems vaguely reminiscent of the Nextel push-to-talk feature with the addition of voice-to-text display. I’ve downloaded it to try out, but have to wait for an invite. Might as well use my Project Genesis (which is now just Project AT&T) phone to play around with new stuff.

So I got an invite, and well… I have concerns. It appears anyone can read/listen to your Airchat posts (although there is a private direct message option). I’m not keen on providing someone with the means to model my voice. The app itself is nicely built, but appears to be in it’s infancy. There are some channels that you can subscribe to, but there aren’t a great number and the channels are very general (sports, food, etc…).