Wireless Android Auto Adapter

For quite some time cars have had wireless Bluetooth connectivity that provides some functionality, but Android Auto and Apple CarPlay provide much more integration between the phone and the car. For many cars this additional functionality requires a USB cable connection between the phone and the car.

I use Android Auto a lot, but connecting the USB cable every time is a drag. I found a dongle that connects via USB cable to the car, but connects to the phone wirelessly. This gives me FULL Android Auto functionality but lets me leave the phone in my pocket. I just start the car and after a few seconds the dongle and the phone connect; I don’t have to do anything, it’s all automatic.

There are a few of these devices on the market but, after a bit of research, I decided on the Carsifi product. This device only works with Android phones and only works with cars that normally connect to Android Auto via USB connection.

A search on Amazon showed some of these same types of devices available for Apple iPhones.

Thanks for the information! I always buy used cars that are a couple years old so with my 2015 year model cars I’m not enjoying Bluetooth, but no Android Auto yet. I’m totally keeping this in mind for when I finally get Android Auto when I buy next car.