Your Car Not Google May Be Your Biggest Privacy Concern

Many of us here at Real World Users use Android devices. There are legitimate concerns about the amount of information Google (and others) have about us in their possession. Nevertheless, Google may not be the biggest concern:

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I’ve wondered about that same thing with smart TVs.

I still have a plain ol’ LCD tv and I dread shopping when it finally dies.
I tend to stick with things until they finally break – like I did with RW, and finally, finally changed carriers!!!

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As long as you don’t purchase a streaming only TV you don’t have to connect a smart TV to the network. It will still work fine over the air, hooked to cable or any of the various plug-in video sources.

For me it isn’t just vehicles collecting data but all of the other “smart” stuff. I picked up a new truck a few weeks back and it took me quite a while to go through all of the different options and settings to turn off as much of the telemetry and data collection I could find.


Was curious about my car (Mazda 3). They were not on that list so I looked into it and they were very transparent about what they collect and even let you opt out vehicle wide if you would like.