Anyone else taking a "hands off" approach?

Long time RW user from long ago. Transition for me to the new Republic Wireless wasn’t too bad. Still sore about losing visual voicemail and never getting it back but the service has been fine.

I have two lines and I’m on the 1gb use what you need latest plan. So I have two phones/lines for around $32 which has been good. I see they are giving us 6 months as a trial. I’m nervous about the switch as i’m wondering if they will bumble with the price switch and all that but I digress.

I plan to take a “hands off” approach as they said 8/20 everyone will just move over. Anyone else doing that? I see they have a thing to login and confirm billing but I don’t even want to do that. This whole thing reeks of “subscriber padding” for Boost Infinite. They will get a large “boost” in users all of a sudden.

RIP to the old Republic Wireless (before Dish). It was fun while it lasted. We knew though, it wouldn’t.


If you only need 1 gig per line, Boost Infinite probably would not be a good fit for you. I would suggest trying another provider like mobileX, which lets you buy by the gig, before your six months is up.


Other than only having one phone, my situation is pretty much identical to yours.

I will probably do the opposite of you and get off this roller coaster ride. The transition to DISH a year or so ago was enough of a big bump in the road, so to have this new pothole show up just makes me not trust DISH at all. Additionally, if you look in the reviews section of this forum, you will see suggestions of lots of other providers that will provide exactly what the Need plan provided, for a fraction of the price. Do your research first, obviously!

Regardless of what you decide to do, you will want to pay attention to Roland’s PSA about contacting Republic Wireless and getting your phone unlocked before you lose access to their support at the end of the month. What that does is allow you to use anyone’s SIM in your phone (so in other words gives you options you don’t have if your phone is still locked).

And RIP to the old Republic indeed. It is sad that the company we loved for so long expires at the end of August. :slight_smile:


I see your point and I will definitely leave them. US Mobile seems to fit what I need. I don’t need unlimited data (I already have home internet). I guess for me it gives me a time to test it if all goes well. However if they fudge the billing, i’ll jet.

Luckily I didn’t buy my phones from Republic. Unlocked from Google.

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A couple of us are in the process of migrating to US Mobile and posting to this thread as we go along.


Another person in a similar situation here. Boost Infinite is certainly not cost effective, but at least I feel that there is room to breathe if in fact they provide 6 months at the current lower pricing. I’ve been thinking about maybe Tello, but will also take a look at a few other options since one or the other of us often enough comes up against our monthly 1gb. Fortunately for my peace of mind, I
got the unlock thing done yesterday.

Do you have an AT&T SIM right now? Be aware that Tello uses the T-Mobile network and may have more limited coverage. You can check the coverage of the Big 3 carriers on this site: Coverage Map - Compare Networks

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Thanks! I’m in a major metro area and our coverage with all 3 is very good. The only problems arise when travelling up into the mountains, but that’s gotten better with everyone over the years. I’ve had T-Mobile before, and it did well for my purposes. It’s not easy keeping all the MVNOs and their respective networks sorted!

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I am in the exact situation
$30 for 2 phones worked well for us
I will be on the ride with Boost for the 6 months, I hope it goes well
I think I will need to make a Boost acount so everything will work?
Was able to get my phone’s unlocked yesterday

Boost Infinite does not have a web portal like RW, so you will need to download the phone app and set up an account.

Hi @a_j,

Though this is true for folks setting up new Boost Infinite service generally, this is not correct for Republic members with 5.0 plans migrating.

Republic members migrating to Boost Infinite need to follow the process outlined in email notification received. @Ozzy have you received said email?


Thanks for the clarification Rolandh!

No problem, I just don’t want to see anyone lose their six-month discounts.

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Hey All - I agree with OP and everyone who replied. Hands off and less emotional investment on the outcome of republic and dish is the way to go. While republic may be dead for the most part - it doesn’t change the fact that we all experienced how things should work and can use that knowledge and understanding to pave that path forward when picking another service. Its the people who hold it all together, not the place, company or time as this forum and Southpaw have proved.

That said - I kindly advise that boost infinite is not the way to go here. The 6 month offer to keep current price and try infinite isn’t worth it. If things didn’t work out w/ republic, there is a slim chance for it working out period with dish. Invest in a company you trust here. I know I am preaching to the choir but only want the best going forward for all.

Source: I may or may not have worked for republic for a few years, and I may or may not work for dish currently


Good point. USA mobile has that old school Republic feel. Support looks similar. I just fear they might hit the same outcome as Republic. However it’s a different time now and there are a LOT of MVNO’s. Republic just seemed like one of the first and paved the way with WIFI calling/texting. I guess it’s worth it like you said to find someone that you would like to invest in. I haven’t had a lot of problems post Dish (aside from no Visual Voicemail) so I really can’t complain…Service works…I was billed correctly (which isn’t much to ask for). Hopefully the transition to Boost Infinite will be similar and I can take a few months to find something else (and get unlimited data for my dirt cheap rate).


At this point, my plan is to go ahead and transition, check it out, and if we don’t like it, I’ll go elsewhere.


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Yes I have received the email from Republic Wireless with the instructions and code to register

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