Boost Infinite Account Credits?

Is anyone else getting emails from “Boost Infinite” that have a subject of:
“Cha-Ching! a credit has been added to your account”
Is it already time for our first billing for old “My Choice” 4.x plan transitioners?
I got two tonight at 7:28 p.m. central?

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I’m a 5.0 plan guy waiting for the transition, but according to the Faq:

The day that you activate, your autopay will start 15 days later, and then every 30 days your autopay will take place on that date. Based on the date that you activate, we provide a prorated credit to make sure your new transitioned billing is accurate. Any account credit that was on your Republic Wireless account will be moved to your new Boost Infinite account.


Yeah, Boost Infinite is categorized as postpaid, but for my account (and others) they actually bill 15 days into the billing period, instead of at the end of the period. (Prepostpaid?)


The whole prepaid/postpaid thing is a linguistic trick. Except for variable costs that cannot be known in advance, there is no such thing as postpaid in the telecom world. All fixed telecom service costs that I am aware of are prepaid.

Unless things have changed recently, the way it works when you set up a “postpaid” account is that your first bill will be a bit more than a month of service to nearly double, depending on the carrier billing cycle. You are being billed in arrears for the partial month of service from when you start to the billing date (the only time in the life of the account that this will happen), and the following month in advance. You are then billed for the following month in advance each month. This has been true of phone service for as far back as I can remember.

Back when long distance/local-toll was a thing, you paid for billable calls in arrears, and the monthly service in advance.

The term “prepaid” as we know it today was a way of selling phone service to people with twitchy finances. Instead of the usual service contract and billing procedures, where you could get behind but not lose service until you got way behind, and get dinged with late fees, the new “prepaid” service had no lag. Fail to pay for your next month of service and instead of a late fee on the next bill, you got cut off.

Apologies for the rant, but hearing the term “postpaid” in reference to telecom service is like nails on a chalkboard to me.


No apologies necessary. I am new to this kind of billing system (I won’t say it). I have always had a prepaid service in the past. Not because of bad credit. I appreciate how you put it into context.

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The most recent postpaid telecom provider I’ve used is Ting Mobile prior to DISH Wireless’ acquisition of most of its subscribers. I did not share the experience you describe:

I was not billed for service until after the bill cycle closed. Prior to that, all I was billed for was the Ting SIM purchased.

Fun fact, I spent a month on Ting Mobile at the request of Republic Wireless in an effort to gain insight into the competition.

I do not consider Boost Infinite to be a true postpaid service. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but I wish they would market themselves accordingly.

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I also got two account credits tonight. My guess is that one is the balance of my annual plan, and the other is some kind of prorated refund.
Also have a bill (covered by credit) - 08/20-09/20, due date 09/04.
The one negative thing is it appears the bill is for the entire $25+tax, rather than at the rate of annual plan/12.


Yes, I’ve gotten two. I wonder if they are writing off my account because I can’t get wifi calling to work. The first one was Saturday, for $28, and last night I got $141.91. No explanation.

That actually does make some sense. Wish they had bothered to explain, though.

Hi @Immico and welcome!

I’m confident it’s not a write off of your account. Account credits are not the same thing as refunds. Account credits remain on your account and are applied toward future monthly bills.

Should one choose to leave before the account credits are used up, they won’t necessarily be refunded. I’m not saying that’s how it should be but typically that’s the way it is.

I understand you have an issue with WiFi calling, however, this isn’t the topic in which to have that conversation.

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Got another account credit today, so it looks like that’s repayment of the missing discount from the monthly $25.
Maybe that’s how they’re doing it, or maybe they made a mistake last month. Guess we’ll find out next month, haha.

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Received two more credits to the account today. One is pretty obvious (I think). It matches the hotspot add-on but it only covers one line? The other credit we haven’t exactly figured out yet. Keeping things as clear as mud :thinking: Looks like we’ll need to sharpen our pencil and figure things out. Wondering if others got a round of credits today too!

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I have not yet gotten my credit for the hotspot that was added without my consent, and I don’t wish to pay for it.

My payment date is the 13th.

I have a card on the account that will decline the charge if the promised credits aren’t applied, but I’ll still end up having to spend time getting the charged amount corrected or arranging to port out, something I believe they’re allowed to refuse if they think I owe them money.

No, so long as service is active, a port out cannot be denied even if money is owed.


Are there fees for porting?

  • Companies may charge you to port your number, but you can ask whether any fees can be waived or negotiated.
  • Once you request service from a new company, your old company cannot refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for an outstanding balance or termination fee.

Hopefully I am the only user who had problems finding if/when Boost transferred over my credits from Republic Wireless.
They can be found under Payment History, listed as a Credit under the Charge Date column


Thanks @jBen that helped a lot. Saved me some time instead of just poking around the app.


I was billed tonight for the amount that does not reflect the credit for the hotspot. The payment failed due to my settings.

The chat agent is telling me that the credit was processed on 9/28, which means 15 days would be tomorrow, so the credit will appear on my account tomorrow and will fix my failed bill.


I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Edited to add:
The chat terminates with the following cheery salutation:

We thank you for being a loyal member for the past 2 months. I hope you have a Boostastic rest of your day!

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to port out…
2 months? Closer to 2 weeks.

For bonus points in the “attention to detail” department, the email they sent me to alert me that my payment didn’t go through has scary “preview” text that has nothing to do with payment failure:

What phone number transfer?

Edited again to add…
My bill wasn’t even supposed to be processed on the 12th!

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Third time’s a charm, I guess. I chatted with the Boost Infinite folks again today and this time the agent offered to put a $25 courtesy credit on my account. I explained that I didn’t want a credit to use sometime in the future, I just wanted the “free” hotspot feature that was added to my account to actually be free, so my bill would not be outstanding and I wouldn’t lose my phone number.
So she offered to credit me just the amount that previous credits had not covered for the hotspot feature, the - $7.81 I was billed. I asked multiple times if such a credit would then be applied to the outstanding bill so that my payment method would not have to be charged. She answered a lot of different ways that seemed to skirt my question, but maybe it seemed obvious to her. Finally she did say that yes, the credit would be applied to my outstanding bill in 24 hours, so that I would not have to pay it from my payment method.
I encouraged her to take that route, thanked her, and disconnected, certain I’d be back on chat with them again tomorrow, but it actually went through and my bill now shows up as paid.


I can’t wait to go through it all again in mid-November. :weary:


Ughhh…that sucks. If it makes you feel any better, I still don’t have a working free hotspot on any of my lines. Gave it a week to activate on its own and then contacted them about 1.5 weeks ago and got a ticket opened. Checked a couple of days ago since it still isn’t working and was told it is supposedly still being worked. :clown_face:

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