Boost Infinite: Can't use cell phone or text in Mexico

When switching over from Republic to Boost they said I would have coverage in Mexico. It didn’t work called boost yesterday and they said i needed to add North American plan for 10 dollars more a month which i told them to go ahead i’m already in cancun. A reset my phone about 10 times and called boost mobile five times to no avail still no service. Each time i call boost mobile there’s another excuse on why it’s not working. When getting forward to an advanced agent they always have a good story the last one was it was working on my problem no idea when it’s going to work. Anyone else have problems in mexico i’m from Texas so i won’t know if it’s working next time i intend to come to mexico because it works fine in Texas.

Make sure you have roaming enabled under your Mobile network settings. Other than that, it’s out of your hands.

Yes i have it turned on. My buddy Curtis is in mexico and he texted me.i was able to respond via text and could send pictures to him. I can’t call him or him to me. He uses T-Mobile as a service provider. I think boost uses TMoblie towers but my wifes cell only uses verizon service. I can’t call or test ger it anyone else. It’s very disappointing they can’t get it working for me.

Same thing happens North of the Boarder. :tired_face:

I still don’t have service in Cancun Mexico. I guess I’m switching service when I get home. Boost mobile is a joke. I’ve called them 6 times you would think they might email checking on me. If you are never leaving the states and want cheap service and don’t care if about have any type of customer service you’re good.

I would attempt an escalation, here is a link to a previous discussion that will get you the mailing address (they had luck) I on the other hand never heard from them so … good luck

Thanks Ben for the link. I just sent an email to the link you sent me. If they can’t get this resolved before I leave Cancun headed back to Texas I will have to switch before coming back. The only way to know if it’s working is to be in Mexico. I don’t want to come back and it not work again this is the second time. In February when I was here I was still using Republic when I found out it wouldn’t work. They assured me after switching to boost it was going to but I guess that was their joke on me.

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Hi @DLabensky and welcome!

Have you added Boost Infinite’s “North America Connect” add-on (an additional $10/month purchase)? There is no roaming outside the U.S. included with Boost Infinite’s base plan.

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Yes north American was added the first day got here. Boost is not able to get my phone working. I leave Cancun back to Texas tomorrow. When I get home I’m looking for another service. Boost hasn’t tried contracting me to correct the problem. I only have WiFi because of the hotel. No cell or data service. This is not a good position to be in out of the states.

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Hi @intrepidz,

Apologies for any confusion. I saw that you had added “North America Connect”. I was addressing the question to @DLabensky who’s also participating in the topic.

As for finding an alternative service, the majority of MVNOs don’t offer international roaming. Google Fi is an exception. US Mobile offers international roaming on some plans but I’m not sure of the cost. Mint Mobile does also but it’s rather expensive. You could, of course, look at one of the MNOs themselves.

Another approach depending upon which phone you use, would be purchase of short-term local (in country) cellular service. At this point, if I were regularly traveling outside the U.S., I’d want to do so with a dual SIM phone.

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I’m just returning from a trip to Canada. I had enabled the North America Connect add-on before traveling, confirmed that it was enabled, was charged for it, but it did NOT work while I was there. Very disappointing. When I tried contacting their live chat for help, they said “That is very unusual, let me research that for you.”

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This is my total lack of surprise: :neutral_face:

Based on such experience I have, I suspect you are on AT&T. I would be interested to find out if you are on T-Mobile. I suppossedly had Canada coverage on Republic Wireless after the Dishsaster. It never worked. I cobbled up a MacGyver solution to the Canada problem. A Solution for Canadian Roaming Worthy of MacGyver