From Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite to Boost Mobile's $8/month service?

Anyone change from Infinite to Boost $8/mo. ? I had Republic and had to convert but they only offered the Infinite at $25/mo which is double the Republic cost .

Personally, I plan to take advantage of the 6 Boost Infinite billing periods at or below my current Republic Wireless cost, and then get away from Dish entities entirely.


Hi @Bzockoff and welcome!

Are you considering the Boost Mobile plan advertised for $8.33/month? If so, note that a $100 payment up front for the year is required:

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 12.35.12 PM

Further; though both Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile share the Boost brand and both are commonly owned by DISH Wireless, LLC., Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile operate as entirely separate services. Switching from Boost Infinite to Boost Mobile involves more than a plan change.

You would need to purchase a Boost Mobile plan on Boost Mobile’s website and wait for a new SIM they will send you. Presuming you wish to keep your current phone number, you would then need to ask Boost Mobile to transfer (port) your number from Boost Infinite to Boost Mobile when activating the Boost Mobile SIM.

In short, moving from Boost Infinite to Boost Mobile would be no different than moving from Boost Infinite to any other service provider. That being the case, you might want to consider brands not owned by DISH Wireless, LLC. Mobi, MobileX, Tello and US Mobile all offer unlimited talk & text plus 1 GB of cell data for around $10/month with no need to pay a year in advance and with much better reputations for customer service than Boost Mobile.

You may learn more about alternative providers in Reviews.


I hope that happens. I just received a notice that they took the remaining credit from my RW account and applied it to the Infinite account. THen I looked at the new Infinite billing that will happen in 15 days and it doesn’t apply any discounts to normalize the cost with the amount I was paying on RW with 1 year pre-paid.

Roland, thanks for the details. I will use some of the 6 months to check into the alternatives you suggest.

p.s. You are the best for being a long time contributor on RW and now here! Greatly appreciated.


To help understand the email from DISH, I made an inquiry to a contact there:
Here is a link to the update (Cleaned up and put into Q&A form by @rolandh)