Update on the Transition from Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite

Moderator’s note: With @jben’s generous permission, content has been lightly edited to be presented in FAQ style.

Here are the questions and responses that I received from one of Republic’s former contacts at DISH:

When will members receive notification of the transition from Republic to Boost Infinite?

All of the base should receive emails by mid next week (week of August 6, 2023 -sending in batches).

Will existing discounts Ambassador, Beta Member, Multi-Line (introduced with 5.0), etc. continue once members are transitioned?

Everyone is keeping their current monthly rate (before taxes and surcharges) for the first 6 months on Infinite (e.g. if you pay $14 you get a discount of $11 on the Infinite plan for 6 months. It basically allows everyone to try the Infinite plan for what they pay now. Post 6 months everyone (no exceptions) goes to the standard rate $25.

How will the folks who currently pay annually be handled?

Annual plan (prorated) credited to Infinite account upon transition. With monthly plans the rest of monthly plan credited since the bill cycle is reset upon activation (its activation +15 days on Infinite). So same treatment for annual as monthly except the annual credit will be bigger in most cases. Annual plans also get a discount for the first 6 months based on what they were paying “per month” (annual amount/ 12).

Will the dollar amount that many of us still have in our accounts (credits) disappear or will credits be refunded?

Account credits transferred over to Infinite account - one time transfer and then will act the same way as an account credit on the Infinite account.

Will former Republic members with locked phones be subject to Boost Infinite’s unlocking policy, which, as I understand it, is the phone must be on Boost Infinite’s network for one year?

Members will have access to Boost Infinite phones post migration to Boost Infinite. If a phone is purchased at Boost Infinite, the Boost Infinite policy will apply. If a phone was purchased at Republic prior to migration, the Republic policy will apply.

When will migration to Boost Infinite be complete?

For Republic members with 5.0 plans, migration will complete sometime between 8/20/23 and soon™. Members are supposed to receive notice via email and/or text message when migration completes.

For Republic members with My Choice plans, migration will complete upon activating their new Boost Infinite SIM.

If you have further questions or new information to share, please reply to the topic.


Hopefully someone will get a SIM card soon and transition to Boost Infinite, and let us know how easy/difficult it was. It says you can move up to five numbers from an account, luckily I have only two!

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The top post has been updated with information regarding unlocking one’s phone post migration.

Email notice to members with RW 5.0 plans:

Who Is Boost Infinite?

Boost Infinite is a wireless carrier focused on delivering a simple, reliable, and affordable mobile experience. Even better? Infinite will continue to provide the excellent service you expect on the same network you currently use.
Learn About Infinite

What You Can Look Forward To:

You’ll be transitioning to the Infinite Unlimited $25/month plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data with superfast 5G coverage. If your Republic plan was less than $25/month as of May 2023, your payment will stay the same for the first six months. After your first six months, you’ll pay $25/mo.
With Infinite, you will:

  • Lock in affordable wireless for just $25/mo. Forever
  • Keep your same phone and number
  • Stay on the same network
  • Have your lines transferred with your account (up to 5 lines per account)
  • Have existing account credits applied to your Infinite account

To learn more about your service transition log in to www.boostinfinite.com/republic using your phone number and personalized code below.

Once you log in, more information can be found in the FAQs on the top right corner of the page. Note: You will not need to replace the SIM card or your phone. Your service transition will occur automatically. You can also call (833) 558-5820 for assistance.

How To Get Started:

Your Personalized Code: [Redacted]

Use this personalized code as part of the activation process outlined below.

  1. Connect to WiFi and go to www.boostinfinite.com/republic
  2. Log in using your primary account phone number and personalized code.
  3. Follow the online instructions to update the billing information (credit card required) for your Boost Infinite $25 plan.
  4. Starting on 8/20/23, your service will be transitioned from Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite’s $25 plan. This will happen seamlessly, and you’ll receive a notification when complete.

Once your Infinite service is active, download the Boost Infinite app, and set up your account

Have Questions?

Log in to www.boostinfinite.com/republic for FAQs or call (833) 558-5820 for a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process; start to finish. Support is available daily from 6 am - 10 pm MST.


Thanks for posting. I still have not gotten anything. 8/20 is coming up pretty fast. It would have been much more customer centric to have given us 30 or better yet 45 days notice. While I’ve had good results with RW support the lack of DISH’s customer support is not surprising.

You might give it some time. Today is the first batch of email notices sent to members with RW 5.0 plans. Previous email notices went to members with My Choice plans.

Also, and this is from an impeccable source at RW by DISH, migrations for members with 5.0 plans begin on 8/20/23. It will be a staged process. Not all members with 5.0 plans will be migrated on 8/20. Unfortunately, there is no way to know specifically when a particular member will be migrated.

The above said, at most, I would be making a six-month pit stop on Boost Infinite due to significant discounts on my sole remaining Republic line. Whether it’s six months from now or, more likely, considerably sooner, I already know there are better options than Boost Infinite in the market for me.


Well, I received my e-mail, went through the process, and input the requested info. I wish there was an option to update the personalized code.

I just my email from RW as well about the transition to Boost Infinite. The fun begins for us on 8/20/23. We are on the 5.0 plan…

Don’t be surprised if nothing happens on 8/20/23. It will be a staged migration meaning any time between 8/20/23 and 8/31/23 with no further warning beyond today’s email.

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I’ll be sitting right on the edge of my seat until I get their notification after the seamless transition of our phones is complete…

“Starting on 8/20/23, your service will be transitioned from Republic Wireless to Boost Infinite’s $25 plan. This will happen seamlessly, and you’ll receive a notification when complete.”

You might want to grab the Boost Infinite app early then. Oh, based on what I’ve seen on Boost Infinite’s subreddit, the app is glitchy as he :ice_hockey: :ice_hockey: Here’s the decidedly average play store reviews:

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Are you on MyChoice or 5.0?
If Mychoice, what information did you have to change?
I was able to login with that code, but I stopped because I thought we needed the new SIM card to proceed?


I’m on 5.0. the only things I did was provide billing info and click “do not sell my information” in the privacy settings. They had all the other info.

Well we just got our E-mail from RW with information about the transition to Boost Infinite. The fun also begins for us on 8/20/23.

Plan to wait until we know for sure that our Samsung phones are unlocked. Submitted a Unlock request on Sunday. Have a few posts about what we’re going through in another thread HERE.

Don’t want to take a chance of having the unlock fail and then have them try to deny another request because of their 1 year requirement (which we more than meet with RW). Figure we should be okay on the transition as long as we get the new set-up done before 8/20/23.

Anyone giving odds that DISH will try to bill twice, once for the old account and once for new one? No everyone has the same billing date. Makes ask since we have to enter credit card information. Expected that to be part of the transfer, but I sure the transition is being handled like a new customer account and not an internal transfer within the DISH system.

Call me skeptical ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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May I ask what insight you are hoping to get? First level support one reaches by calling RW by DISH will have none to offer.

The definitive test is to insert a non-DISH brand SIM into the phone (it doesn’t need to be active). If the phone doesn’t complain about the “foreign” SIM your phone is unlocked.

Received the email and went through the procedure. Gave August 25 for start of transition. I am using an iPhone with esim on republic wireless and my wife’s phone is using the physical sim so here we go.

Hi @rolandh - Only concerned because we submitted Unlock requests Sunday morning, got “Phone Unlocked” notifications 6 hrs later, and then got “Phone locked please call customer support” about 30 minutes after that. Called today and our experience pretty much confirmed what you said about level 1 support. Was told they elevated tickets and they would call us back with instructions. Didn’t believe that for a minute, especially considering the unlock is OTA unlike Motorola phones. Oh well . . .

Based on the great information you have provided in several posts (thanks) we already knew the only real way to check if phones are truly unlocked is to try another “non-RW” SIM. Thanks for confirming this. Don’t have any SIMS so we probably won’t worry too much about testing this. The ultimate plan is to buy two new unlocked phones and just port numbers out or activate them on Boost Infinite if the plan works for us.

Our schedule won’t allow for completing the migration process sent for a couple of days. Guess we won’t be on the cutting edge of the change :grin:

Not expecting any real insight . . just a belt and suspenders type!

I transitioned to Boost Infinite when it was in beta, and yes, there were glitches with the app. The main issue was the data meter. It would not register properly. I setup my android phone’s data usage meter as a backup. I have not had any problems with the BI app recently.

I got a tracking number from USPS Informed Delivery this a.m. from
“Ingram Micro Mobility - EVS All Pts” due to be delivered Thursday.
I bet this is the Boost Infinite SIM Cards (hopefully Rainbow cards).