Hi Rolandh -- Republic Wireless 4.0 to 5.0 + new phone

Hi @NancyM,

With all the respect that’s due to RW by DISH support, redoing the APNs would, at best, fix cellular calling issues. APNs, generally, don’t govern WiFi calling.

First, I suggest we straighten out the APNs.To do that:

  1. Uninstall CarrierApp
  2. Reset the phone’s APNs to defaults
  3. Restart the Phone
  4. Open Settings
  5. Tap Network & internet
  6. Tap Mobile network
  7. Tap Advanced
  8. Tap Access Point Names
  9. Since your 2022 Moto G Power was purchased directly from RW by DISH, you should already see eReseller, Resellermht and SOS APNs (no CarrierApp required).
  10. Verify eReseller is selected.

Here’s some further background regarding CarrierApp. Folks (including support) get confused because CarrierApp has no user interface. One installs it, restarts the phone and if all goes as it’s supposed to CarrierApp does its thing in the background. If one then makes manual edits to the phone’s APNs, CarrierApp needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled in order for it to do its thing again.

The previous paragraph notwithstanding, I advise not continuing to follow support’s repeated suggestions regarding resetting APNs. As long as they’re correctly set as described above, they have no impact whatsoever on WiFi calling.

So I’m preparing for the fact that I will probably have to port out to another carrier. It’s not the worst thing in the world, and many other people from the community have done the same!

No, moving to another service provider is a perfectly logical alternative when unable to resolve service issues with one’s current provider. As this Community is not sponsored by RW by DISH (or another service provider) you are more than welcome to remain active here if you so choose whether you choose to remain an RW by DISH customer or not.

You need to know, however, the 2022 Moto G Power RW by DISH sold you is locked. Using it with another service provider requires asking for it to be unlocked, which, in turn, requires another call to support.